Simple feedback system [open sourced]

you should update the model cause there is no need to change the webhook any more discord doesn’t using Osyris bypass is no longer an option and won’t work here is the post

How do I set up the discord bot, also, if I dont, where does the message go to? @MrSprinkleToes

It’s a webhook, you set those up in your server settings. I believe all instructions are in the readme file.

Did I use If I did, just simply replace that with the regular discord webhook URL. I’ll try to find the time to get around to updating the model eventually.

i did i just wanted to tell you so you can change the instructions in the model so others doesnt get as confused as i did before looking it up

Wasn’t there some big deal about discord banning servers/users who did this using roblox? Or did that all blow over?

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No instructions on the readme file. Can you maybe fix that or tell me how to in DMS?

Hello! I wan’t to know how do i make a category system? Such as: Feedback, User Report, Bugs, etc. That will help my game alot. [Idea]

I thought I did put instructions.
Simply go into your server settings, go to webhooks, create a new webhook and customize to your liking. Copy the webhook URL and put it where instructed in the script. Do note, you don’t have to modify the URL to anymore, just use the regular URL that discord gives you.

I believe they were banning people who did this because that was back when Roblox banned Discord webhooks, so people had to use proxies that didn’t have a throttle. People were spamming webhooks using these proxies causing Discord to ban them. Now that Roblox doesn’t ban Discord webhook URLs anymore, there is a throttle which should prevent any more bans. I haven’t experienced any issues with it.

Feature request: don’t send feedback if there are no alphanumeric characters (i.e. the whole thing got tagged) OR option to reject feedback if it has hashtags in it.

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I have inserted the model and followed the instructions. Now where do I find peoples feedback??

This is actually amazing. I did do a few tweaks with the little scripting skills I have by adding the user ID in the message and a little message at the bottom of the message in Discord. This is just to benefit me and my staff for my game.

I used Trello for banning users and if they abuse the system and send troll messages through the system, they will be banned on the Trello board. For the bans to work, I need their Roblox Username and their UserID. Instead of going to their profile for the ID, I added the user ID to be displayed in the message.




I won’t be releasing this change I made publicly because I’ve not made the system and it’s very small what I’ve done with it. It does mean this is easier than going to their profile.


It did not work for me, tried alot of solutions and it did not work.

Is this feedback system working right now ?
Why I am asking this right now because, Discord has banned roblox from sending messages from server.
The only way to make any feedback system that can send a message from a server is, you just need to use a webhook proxy (only for good things).
Note: A feedback gui code without any proxy can run successfully only on roblox studio testing. It will not run in any of the device after you publish it.

I don’t know. I have the same question, too.

I installed your Feedback system, but nothing works for me, I would like to ask, I took free models and there was a good model there, it worked only in the studio and there is no roblox how to fix it?

Discord has banned http requests from roblox, use a proxy: Discord Webhook Proxy

surfaceguifeedback.rbxl (43.8 KB)
I converted your feedback into a surface gui, Decided to reupload for others to use :slight_smile:

thank you for this one ill gonna try this one for my game thank you s much