Simulator Game Ideas

Hello, People of Dev Forum and Good morning or Night. My name is DevNetCheese I want to make a Simulator game.

But I don’t know what to make it based on and or how to make person keep playing it. I want to know what is your Favorite Simulator game and why you play it?

Thanks for reading I hope you have a great day. :smile:


There’s an incredible number of threads about this already. Please use the search function before making a new thread.


Sleigh riding sim u get pets that are in sleighs they make u faster there are areas and all in in the air u can fly higher in your area too
U pets give u hightness or something

Maybe the pets can be on the place of your sleigh where the raindeer normally is
U collect coins and presents


Pet Simulator, you adopt a animal and then take care of it!

Taking care of a pet may include
*feeding and watering them
*cleaning up messes they make
*playing with them with toys bought from a in game store


I actually really like this idea, I’ll keep it in mind.

Perfect for a Christmas Season release (i.e top animal/gamepass animal are reindeers)


A good idea is to understand what actually makes a game a simulator game. Once you know this you can bend the ‘rules’ in a way to make the game have your own unique twist and standout from the others.

Simulators thrive off giving players a sense of accomplishment through progression in the form of grinding. Often there is an obstacle such as mobs or something that adds a sense of ‘skill’ into the game.

If your game offers progression (e.g. levelling up, new gear) that allows players to show off to other players how great they are while doing a simple task then you basically have the essence of a simulator game.

I’d recommend staying away from ideas like “Castle Simulator” or “Money Simulator” because these aren’t giving you mechanics for your game. You’re better off in my opinion designing the mechanics for your game and then giving it its theme afterwards.


I’m afraid that pet simulator is already a game/simulator, maybe try a different idea?


I’m sorry? Was this meant to be a reply to my comment? It seems to be rather off topic.

I don’t really see what you mean, I never said anything about


All I said was sleigh simulator was a good idea and I would like to make a game like this.

How would one design the mechanics of a game then give it a theme? You need to design the mechanics around the theme, and if you design the mechanics first than the mechanics are the theme. If you’re making a simulator game then the framework/mechanics are already virtually made, it’s basically click to gain, sell for coins, use coins to upgrade. Once you have a theme you can delve further into mechanics.


The name was taken, not the idea


I would recommend you not to make such generic simulators, all the simulators these days are just the same, and we ROBLOX players tend to lose interest very fast if the game is the same as a ton of games. I personally think that mining simulator and bee swarm simulator are the most unique, original, and fun simulators. You should think of an idea that is unique.

– For me, I am trying to make this simulator called, “Season Simulator”, that is a half survival game, half simulator. Different seasons would bring different resources to collect, and different threats. –

An idea I have for you is to have a simulator that has a combination of a popular game.

For the sake of your question I would suggest a simulator where you gather resources to make some fort or something and have a day night cycle that brings monsters at night. Make sure to have something that you can grind for currency, in this case, I recommend the grinding to be killing the mobs that spawn at night. But, don’t start without thinking, you would need to have a very well made placing system, as well as scripted health for each of the buildings. You would also have to script and mesh your NPC’s.

I’m not really good at making names, so I can’t help you with that one.


Do you know .io games? If you don’t know what they are, search it up. Anyway, my point is that maybe you can use a .io game idea and add your own little twist to it, an example is and is a 2D .io game and you can make it 3D and add your own little features to it. (By the way, there are HUNDREDS of .io games, explore them! Just search up “.io games” and you will find them.)

EDIT: Maybe I went off topic a little. Meant to say that you could create a new game idea instead of making a simulator and no one has actually made a .io ROBLOX game)

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There is a fort simulator of some kind…(ah, found it Fortress Tycoon)

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Oops I clicked reply on yours by accident. My bad, it is meant for OP.


Are you really set on your game being a simulator? There are already loads of simulator games on Roblox, and you might be better off creating something new altogether.


No no no, that’s a tycoon, not a simulator. And it’s a pretty generic tycoon, as I have played it before. The simulator will have a placement system, unlike a tycoon where you have parts that are already made. It also has NPC’s that spawn only at night, and different currencies for buying stuff. A tycoon and a simulator can have the same idea, but a whole other concept.

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To be honest, I’ve never thought of that XD. You’re a genius lol.

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WARNING: This is entirely my opinion, this is my personal advice if you want to create a simulator.

Sad to say, most simulators in ROBLOX die off after some time. They stay on the front page for a while, then they have a HUGE decrease in players. Most of them have a common trait: grinding.

You need to make your simulator game stand out from the rest. Have a unique idea and system. What sets back most simulators is because they are repeat of one another. Start with an item that +1 to your backpack. Progressively unlock better items(eg. Sword). Get pets. Be pro. Rebirth. However, when you reach the end of the game (meaning to say that you started the rebirthing part of a generic simulator) . It gets repetitive and boring since the new content that gets pushed out are new lands and new items for a higher level, not something that will entice older players to continue playing. As more get ‘pro’, they will EVENTUALLY stop playing and that leads to the decrease in players.

Let’s take a look at one of the simulators that is still remaining on the front page after so long: Bee Swarm Simulator. It has a concurrent of 7-10K. What I feel this game has over the generic simulators is that it has quests that give players actual benefits instead of just currency. Example being quests that reward higher conversion rates for honey(Something like a ‘selling rate’ for pollen). Along with a unique fighting system called ‘Ant Challenge’ that rewards players with good items(from my experience playing the game) and minigame stations placed throughout the map, I feel this is what makes a good simulator that will stand out. It, however, still keeps the main trait of simulators: Grinding.

I recommend staying away from a generic simulator system, which was mentioned before as it will not give you the mechanics to stand out. Have something that draws players into your game, but don’t make it so that players stop playing once they become really good at the game. Lastly, making a game unique isn’t enough. Be consistently pushing updates that are able to draw old players back, fixing bugs, and interacting with your players!

This is again, all my opinion and personal advice. If you disagree, let me know your opinion :thinking:
Have a nice time developing!:relaxed:


I say a original simulator would be the best, since most of the games this days are just advanced versions of the previous, in my opinion.

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I was just referring to it (Fortress Tycoon) as a game that has been made of kind of the same concept. And thanks, I can be a genius sometimes…(not really because I play Arsenal a lot and when I search it up it shows Fortress Tycoon as a game on the search results…I don’t really know why…)


I personally agree so much, I couldn’t agree more. Devs are just more and more lazy these days. In fact, I could probably make the simulators in no time. And just copy and paste the scripts to make a new simulator – but just a different name. Let’s have an example: Legends of speed, ninja legends, etc. their basically the same thing, you can see that. You can also look at a whole bunch of simulators. Pet simulator, balloon simulator, etc. And those games you could just say that they’re EXACT copies(I over exaggerated, but you get the point).