Skinned MeshParts are live!

Yeah, I’m having the same issue. It makes this feature a bit useless with this visual artifact unless your character is completely static texture-wise.

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What happened to the mesh deformer? That would be super useful for collisions and such.

So I have a 3d skirt modelled, and I was wondering how I’d be able to attach it to the legs so that it deforms with the legs when the legs move so that the legs don’t clip through the legs.


Here is what the skirt looks like with an idle animation playing:


I did some looking around and I’ve been at this for a few hours trying to use bones, attachments, and turning it into an accessory(this skirt is also rigged), but nothing has worked so far.

Just to be reiterate(since people have been directing me to videos on how to import custom rigs for some reason), I’m talking about making the skirt move along with the legs when the legs move, I already know how to import/animate custom rigs.

Does anyone know if this is even possible? If so, please explain in a relatively simplified manner, I’m a programmer, so I don’t know much about this. Thanks.

Pretty sure it’s completely visual and doesn’t affect collisions either way. There’s still a bounding box and that isn’t modified by deforming the mesh.

The 2 options are,

  1. Manually manipulate the bones via script, because it seems like u haven’t rigged your character. (sorry if im wrong)
  2. Make that r15 character use a bone instead of motor6d, by rigging it in blender, then also weight paint that skirt to the leg bones so that it will deform together.
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I tried using a skinned mesh R15 rig in my game today, and it worked great! It looked ultra-realistic, and the smoothing worked great on Blocky R15 and Rthro tests. Though I have a question:
- If setting up a rig is this easy, and there are so many rigs available such as Dogu15, and even rigs from the Toolbox, why can’t Roblox utilize only skinned R15 rigs instead of the R15 we have now?

If anyone wants to try out skinned meshes with their avatar, you can try in this game I made if you want.


Made a tutorial if anyone needs help on getting started: How to make a Starter Character w/ Mesh Deformities on Roblox

@RFL890 Literally so cool! Did you uv the mesh to make it fit Roblox’s clothing template?
@skywildsaturn What Yuuwa said! :slight_smile: If you have the rig, weight/skin paint the skirt to the rig and import it like you would usually do to studio. Then delete the rig and place the skirt under the real rig you want the skirt to go onto and weld the skirt and Root (parent of the joints) together. The weld should be under the skirt and not the Root.


dam yozoh, from asking help, to making tutorial, nice :+1:

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Is it possible (or would it be possible in the future) to create skinned meshes mid game? Let’s say you have a mesh of a worm in the game, nothing special to it with no rigging from Blender whatsoever, using scripts and the Bone instance, could you perhaps create the mesh to be skinned by messing around with the Bone’s parents and properties.

Or does everything have to be pre rigged in Blender beforehand?


I’m interested in this to.

It would give certain benefits for procedural animation and easily creatable models (like a waving flag).
Programs like Unity can do this…


There is no texture in the mesh

Also I was wondering actually. Why do bones not have a .Size property? That would make it easier for me to do things like changing body proportions as well as stretching and squeezing parts of the mesh like the eyes and such. I’m not sure how this will affect inheritance, but I would assume the CFrames would be scaled based on the parent’s size. So if the parent is <2,2,2> in size, a CFrame of (1,1,2, 1,0,0, 0,1,0...) would actually be (2,2,4, 1,0,0, 0,1,0...), as to make sure if you were to scale the head the eyes and etc would stay in the appropriate location.

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i asked this aready, but the dev of this skinned mesh update told me to if i had to choose wich one i woud like first. size bones or being able to use shape keys, i said size, them he responded me but you can do sizing with shape keys.

shape keys is not the same as sizing, shape keys is good for some cases while others the normal sizing is better, like squash and stretch for cartoon animation.

I mean I’d rather use shapekeys for controlling character shape as well as moving facial features such as the mouth precisely without requiring any facial rigs, but bone size will also be extremely helpful. I want to see both implemented but I can wait.

I agree both bone scaling and blend-shapes are useful tools and I expect you will see both eventually. Thanks for your feedback and patience. :+1:


Hi @Ravenshield, thanks for the feedback, I will try to answer your questions:

  1. Skinned meshes should not crash, can you provide a model file? Do you know what’s happening in the game to trigger the crash?
  2. Performance implications are hard to estimate in general without comparing the specific rigid and skinned versions. If you can reduce the total number of vertices in the skinned version then yes, it should in theory be faster, but how much faster is hard to say. The biggest advantage of using skinning will be the improved visual quality of the result.
  3. Yes, we are currently working on making attachments work with bones! Thanks for your patience.
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I’ve been having issues where my skinned mesh just disappears, usually if the roblox tab isn’t focused.

@RawEggTheGreatIX we recently fixed a bug that was causing skinned meshes to disappear randomly in some games. If you would like to test it before it is released, in about two weeks you can try turning on the SkinUseSkeletonAPI Fast Flag in the Advanced Features menu. If you’re still seeing problems after that please let us know.


Thanks everyone for your feedback, and helping to identify issues.

Please welcome, @Sir_Bedevere who is taking over Skinned MeshPart issues.
I’ll still be around, but he’ll be handling the remaining threads.


so yeah, something like a weight preview and rename in the mesh parts woud be nice to have.

@Dyzcroll, these are both great ideas, and they’re on our roadmap. :+1:


what idea?, i talked some in the past but never got responded.
wich of them?

by the way, cant use custom bone appearence in blender, if i use custom bone appearence roblox dont load nothing or if load it load the animation will be all broken.

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