[CLOSED] Meso - Hiring Builder, Scripter, UI-Designer & many more!

I can build for ya shoot my discord Editorze#4963

Do you need a GFX designer by any chance?

That’s not what this forum is about.

I can build for you, just DM me and i can send you examples. - andrew.#4563

I’m a GFX artist, need any? :slight_smile:

I am selling pre-orders for an Ordering System called SmartOrders: SmartOrders Information

If you are interested DM me on discord: xJxck_yy#7636

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I have sent you a friend request on discord, hoping to get some more information about the job, Thanks.

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Still looking for a builder or modeller?

I am interested, contact me on Discord if the position is still available - Espelk#7058

Espelk's Building Portfolio (hasn’t been updated in a while, but will be updating it soon)

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I’m interested, I have better examples for this sort of work I can show if you want to proceed


I’d like to apply as scripter how do I contact you?

3D modeller artist, HMU vexqt#9382

Hello, I’m interested in your topic, Oofer#7566 add me.

Any progress so far with the building? We can speed up with this restaurant project. Btw, I still remember you 5 years ago. I’m also a beginner of restaurant appliance builder (machine builder) 2 months ago.

You still need a scripter? contact me @GoldyyDev#5351


Yes, we still have positions open.

Do you still need a Builder if yes here my Discord Ben_TheDev#2402

Hey, I’m pretty interested. My portfolio is here and ways of contacting me are at the bottom :slight_smile:

You seem like your group will become big and make a lot of R$ so I would like to apply as a builder!

Hello! I’m able to design UI (I do not script them).
Here is my portfolio: [Open] Katato's UI Designing Services

Hey! I am interested in the scripter opportunity! DaffyDavinko#0078