So what happened to post approval?

I think they just did.

That is the post approval icon, all they did was change the name of the group and trust level

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Ah, I see. I haven’t looked at groups so I’m mistaken, sorry!

We killed BuildThomas and seceded from Post Approval. Our new base is in Ohio.

But actually though, a couple former members of Post Approval still had their trust level so that we could move posts around, but no title to show we had those powers. We now have a title.

That’s uh, that’s it. That’s the only change.


May buildthomas rest in peace then.


Post approval but without the approving posts part.


So does this mean there won’t be any new post approval members or how does that work now?

A community editor can’t be a post approval now or do they still have that opportunity?

Post-approval-by-the-community is being phased out because developers should focus on developing, not on spending hours upon hours wittling away at what is effectively a support queue.

I couldn’t really tell you what is going to replace it since I only really care about getting rid of Post Approval. Ask DevRel for any future plans they have for handling trust levels and feature requests / bug reports. Community Editor is post approval without the inbox handling parts (only the fun/interesting parts).


So does that mean Members will be able to post in any category without previous approval?
Let’s be honest, I don’t like this idea. The whole purpose of PA was to review posts before letting them be live on the site, to tell people what is potentially wrong with their post and what could get them in trouble, and tell them to remove it.
Letting people post in Platform Feedback or the restricted categories without prior approval will only increase the workload on the DET when people flag the posts.

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I didn’t say that, I only said community would stop doing it.

Whether DevRel wants to have DET do it, hire new people to do it, or replace the flow entirely with something else, that’s up to them. I’m not at all saying they should open everything up.

It’s not our responsibility to find an alternative and this has been enough volunteering. DevRel will find a solution for it.


So staff will esentially take the role of PA?
And unlike a community-driven PA, it’s 100 times harder to get more people to work on it, as a job at Roblox has very high requirements and there are huge expenses associated with it.
With a community PA, people that WANT TO and show interest in approving posts will get to help, not just the people who are truly devoted to Roblox in the way that they want to move to America and live there for years, working at Roblox.

Roblox is a billion dollar company, it is no big deal. They will have absolutely no problem finding people to do this if they need to.

Let DevRel figure out how they want to process feedback effectively going forward.


There is staff in PA already, like @BitwiseAndrea

Yes but the title was called Community Post Approval. I guess devrel wants to not put too much pressure on volunteers which is good. This may or may not lead to faster approval times because if it still is manual then it means the people manning the team are actually hired and paid. Or maybe it won’t work like this at all. Who knows. But this is going in the right direction so far.

Who will now approve posts since there is nobody to approve them? Or I misunderstood something?

It is being phased out, we still have community members doing it at the moment.

Wait, I just made a topic, though you locked it. I’ve still got the question, though, who’s got the responsibility to approve or reject posts? The Roblox Developer Engagement Team? Or will they arrange a new team?

What do you mean by ‘community members’ doing it?

Obviously by community members he means us. The people who have always been doing it.

So, what your saying is, Community Editors are still going to be the ones approving the posts? @PeZsmistic

at the moment.