"SolidColor" Material

Neon is cool, but it’d be nice if we could have a material that looked consistent on everyones’ computers and didn’t have the “glow”

Or alternately, if neon could work on specialmeshes of any kind (at least make the part solid colour without “glow”) that would be extremely useful for a game I’m making.


Didn’t you ask for this earlier…?


That was a thread in developer discussion and he was asking if anyone knew a way. Now he’s making a feature request for it.


I support this.


Bump, I need this actually

Naw, people make feature requests for things they don’t need. What is this blasphemy?


Bump again

Bumping won’t help, especially when all the staff are off work.


I prefer the name Shadeless over SolidColor. We have a solid color material you know. Its called smooth plastic. What we don’t have is a Shadeless material that isn’t effected by lighting or shadows.

Change the name of the request, might get a better bite. :wink:

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I’m fairly sure we’re pretty limited on our material palette for memory efficiency reasons. This does sound like a good addition, but I can’t say whether or not others will think so.

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Personally, my team uses surface GUIs with colored frames to achieve a similar affect, but it limits us to having no rounded parts unless we add more surface GUIs.

I’m for this, as it would help with a few of my projects, but at the same time I’m not losing sleep over not having it. If it’s something we could get in the future, I’m all for it, but I don’t think it’s something we should prioritize.


Okay, can we have a FullBright boolean toggle for BasePart objects?

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You can get the same effect by putting surfacegui’s on all faces, and setting them to a base color.

It’s actually really neat when implemented in as like, a rooms walls or something.


What am I missing?

Reading the thread.

Left: Smooth Plastic; Right: Glowless neon (low graphic setting) (what OP is requesting); all properties aside from material are the same:

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Ahhh, I see. Yes, I agree, I want this. Gimme.

What about rounded objects, or specialmeshes.

Doesn’t appear on those, unfortunately.

You could get a similar effect with a super bright light with small radius.

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to create a solid color surface without using an image or SurfaceGui. It would be beneficial if we had some sort of material that acted like the Neon material but didn’t have the glowing and visual distortions that come with it, sort of like a solid color material. SmoothPlastic comes second closest to this but the environmental reflectiveness of the material is obnoxious and difficult to work around.

This image may help as a visual aid:

(The leftmost brick is the proposed new material)

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my game and my development experience because I would be able to use a solid color for parts without having to use a material that uses a light reflection or glow.

Of course, the solution wouldn’t have to be a new material, I am just hoping for a way to have solid color parts without any shiny or glow effects like SmoothPlastic or Neon.


Bumping this and supporting this as well! I would like to see this material be added to the Roblox engine anytime soon and will help out the support for materials to not shine from celestial bodies or brightness as a replacement for “SolidColors”.

Having a material that doesn’t hurt a users’ eyes and has a shine from the sun/moon is challenging and hard for developers like us to handle instead of having a new material that can prevent that and cause the part to look more smooth than ever. Naturally, a texture overlapping the material works but covering the whole thing would cause some more voxels and memory.

In this legendary topic back in 2016 (Don’t bump this as that isn’t nice), there are valuable workarounds and solutions to achieve a smooth brick which is applying a SelectionBox that will cover up the whole part with the color and thickness you set it on but I believe there is a zindex problem with that, I think?

Here is an example of an image that Polyhex posted in that thread:



^^ It’s either use SelectionBox or make SmoothPlastic actually “smooth” in terms of conditions.


Really hope a Roblox staff can view this topic and consider an opinion/answer for this to happen! :angst: