New Terrain, and Parts, and Built-In Materials, Oh my!

Yeah. I don’t see anything about it on the list. That’s why I had to ask before jumping on in.


Does this mean there’s a possibility of having water as a part/mesh material?


Oh boy I’m extremely hyped for this! I absolutely love working with terrain! These new terrains will definitely help add realism to people’s games! I would also love to test these features out for myself!

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I would love to opt-in on this!


I think they are working on it along with this update.
We might have to see it later on into next year!


Yesssss, I’ve been waiting for this for ages! This massively increases artistic options for me.

I’m not sure if you mean you’re taking games for the whitelist in this thread right now, but I’ll offer my place IDs anyway: 463915360, 966642236.

Something that I remember seeing requested a long time ago (but I can’t seem to find the thread) was an iridescent material - something that changes color depending on the angle you look at it from. As a shader perhaps it would just pick the color opposite on the color wheel for the iridescent hue, or an adjacent hue on the color wheel (e.g. purple and blue), or maybe it uses the reflection property to determine the hue. This wouldn’t be possible to do with custom materials and would allow people to create visually interesting vehicle paint, armor, treated blades, etc.

Another important thing to note is that a lot of games on the platform are not striving for a realistic art direction. It would be really great if some stylized materials were offered as well. If you look at Adobe Substance Source, there’s a really great library of stylized materials that are good examples of what I mean.

Examples like these:

image image

image image
image image

These material balls are so beautiful.

Here’s another feature request for a new material that I considered notable:
Flat (no shading): "SolidColor" Material, Flat Material Request, New material: Unshaded.
Alternatively to the Flat material, a “fullbright” toggle on parts that disables shading.

If you’re looking for material adjacent feature requests, these are some other notable ones too:
Control forcefield Fresnel effect: Control the Fresnel effect of ForceField material using the Reflection property
Texture intensity: Texture Translucency Controls


i hope the water will blend better with other things


I really want to see this as well, preferably a rainbow-type color scheme version as well, kind of like blowing bubbles or spilled gasoline on water.


Also yes, I’d love to opt-in.
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This is definitely a step-up in the right direction in terms of parts & textures, I look forward to working with these new materials, these are game changers. I would also like to test these features out for myself, so I would like to Opt In please.

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While this game is only open to friends, I’d appreciate if I could opt-in as an in-game testing grounds, as a stress test for performance with multiple people, and to simply see where my imagination takes me.

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This update is amazing, but will we ever be seeing the water material from smooth terrain come to parts? It would allow for a lot of new builds if water wasn’t limited to the terrain grid.


Oh yeah, and:

d o… i… s m e l l… p a r t… w a t e r…?


I have a couple of concerns.

Firstly, why is so much effort being expended into graphical features? Especially if only a small minority of players will actually reap the benefits as a good majority of roblox players use mobile devices and tablets which simply will not be able to run these graphics.

Next, the loss of the roblox identity, I can see where this is heading. Realistic roblox avatars, realistic terrian. How will roblox differ itself as a platform from the vast majority of other games? I can show pictures of what has been showcased today and people can’t even recognize it’s roblox.

I would really like someone to prove me wrong, I feel a bit uncomfortable with this despite new materials and textures being great and I would still love to opt-in to get a better understanding of the system.

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Holy mother of jesus.
This looks absolutely beautiful!

An excellent release we required!
I cannot wait for the full version of this new update!
I’m on my way right now to test this holyness.


WOW! This is ABSOLUTE perfect timing for my dev team and I! We were just in the middle of planning a new map and scrapping an old design that would compliment our new game mechanics (demo on my profile) - and we’re striving for a photorealistic sci-fi hospital / laboratory - sort of like something out of BladeRunner.

We want to be able to control the lighting and mood and give a really immersive environment (including immaculate audio design), so this is literally perfect timing. If I were to give and critical feedback, we need a better way of searching for existing sound assets by sound effects or music. It would be GREAT if Roblox implemented some sort of AI categorizer for audio files to tag them as music, SFX and possibly the sound that’s being made.
(By the way, we applied for Accelerator!!)
My only question is: When will this be LIVE so we can GET WORKING ASAP??

AvataX Studios would like to opt-in and whitelist this game: 5169651085

For this update please!!


This is stunning! Roblox will no longer be held back when it comes to building or textures :grin:
I would love to Opt-In! Place ID: 6106502073


I agree with you 100%. I’d love to see updated graphic settings as well! I struggle to run most Roblox games, yet I can run modern games decently. That can’t be a coincidence…


Me and my developer friends are SO excited for this!
All the new changes will make games look even more gorgeous.
I would really like to opt in. Place ID: 6106452107


Roblox is whatever its creators and users wish it to be. If people want to make/create R6 experiences with studs on baseplates, that’s what they choose to do with it. If they want to make more realistic experiences, again, that’s their choice, and the masses then choose what is favorable.

If anything the definition of roblox’s ‘identity’ is expanding, not being replaced.

Edit: several others brought this point to the table when R15 was first introduced, many were worried about it, outright hated it, but overtime it became an accepted norm. This will be no different.