Some dragon avatar bundles have incorrect cage meshes

Reproduction Steps
Currently, as of 3/28/22, some of the dragon avatar bundles have cage meshes that are not correct / do not make sense. This makes for some rather odd visuals!

  • The Emerald Claw & Ancient Dragon bundles have incorrect feet cage meshes! Instead of the cage mesh covering the entire foot, the cage meshes instead only cover the bottom-half. This results in shoes not being worn correctly, as well as pants extending further down than they should / getting stepped on. These can be compared to the Crimson Claw & Frosttooth cage meshes, which are correct! The cage meshes on those bundles wrap around the feet properly, resulting in shoes being worn correctly, and pants not extending so far down that they get stepped on.


  • The Crimson Claw & Frosttooth have odd waist cage meshes! Instead of the pants being shorter and shirts extending due to the tube-like shaped torso (as they do correctly on the Emerald Claw and Ancient Dragon bundles), they instead have an odd horizontal cutoff that looks unnatural!


The bundles in question:
Emerald Claw : The Envious
Crimson Claw : The Vengeful
Frosttooth the Frozen
Ancient Dragon

Expected Behavior
It is expected that the cage meshes for the dragon bundles would correctly conform to the body shape

Actual Behavior
Some of the cage meshes on the dragon bundles result in odd layered clothing behavior


Issue Area: Catalog Assets
Issue Type: Other
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-03-28 00:03:00 (-04:00)


This is still an issue as of 7/13/22!

Often when I equip my dragon with layered clothing, often the queu as well as the wings disappear. I hope they will improve this soon.

it gives that (I use the avatar editor in club roblox) and it also does it on the roblox editor.

This is a known issue, but is separate from the focus of this thread :

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UPDATE : It seems like the emerald claw & ancient dragon had their leg cage meshes updated, they can properly wear shoes now!


This is great! :smile:

However, the crimson claw & frostooth still have odd upper-body cage meshes (specifically around the torso area). They should ideally match what the emerald & ancient packages do for the torso area:

Because of the super high waist with the crimson & frostooth packages, things like long shirts deform really oddly when the avatar runs an animation that involves it leaning forward at all (sitting down, warewolf idle, etc).

Hello, thank you for the update. Please let us know if you are encountering other issues (there are a few we are already tracking, and while it has been a while, the fixes for the tail are still incoming).


Hi V4! Thanks for the update.

There is still some problems with various legacy packages regarding heads & how they interact with layered clothing + facial animations :

Most notably:

  • Layered clothing clips into the head
  • Facial animations don’t work

Not sure if this is relevant to this thread about cage meshes, but I figured I would bring it up just in-case :slight_smile: