Various older avatar packges have incorrect heads

Currently, as of 07/01/21, various older avatar packages such as the Crimson Claw package, White Collar Dog, Creature from the blox lagoon, and more, have a major issue.

These packages don’t have actual proper heads - their ‘heads’ are just regular hat accessories, instead of them being actual head parts. This causes various issues, both major and minor, with the packages :

  • Avatar headshots of these packages do not look correct. If the heads were actual heads, the headshots would look normal and more zoomed out, as they should be, since the bust image generator centers in on the head.
    Here’s what my avatar’s headshot looks like right now (using the crimson claw package), notice how the headshot is zoomed all the way in because the head isn’t actually a head :

  • These packages cannot wear hats properly. If I want my avatar to wear a tophat for example, I can’t. The tophat ends up barely appearing, since it is positioned improperly due to the head not being an actual head but a hat accessory instead. Here’s an example of my avatar trying to wear a tophat, but failing to do so because the head isn’t a head:

  • These packages cannot make use of facial animations & skinning if their heads are not actual heads. If they were regular heads, Roblox could potentially update them to use the new tech later on, since it opens up the possibility of it.

  • These packages cannot make proper use of layered clothing, because the cage meshes are non-existent for the ‘heads’ since they’re not actually heads. Things like deformed hats would not work here unless the heads were converted into actual heads. This also makes things like jackets, sweaters and shirts look incorrect, since the necks of the shirts do not properly wrap around the ‘head’ of the package since it’s not an actual head and is instead a hat accessory.
    For example, you can see my avatar below - notice how the jacket clips into the head because it’s not an actual head:

  • Games that remove accessories ruin these packages, since their ‘heads’ are also removed. If the heads were converted into actual head parts, the packages would remain intact in said games. In my post about layered clothing’s clipping system, I outlined why having these sorts of avatar modification problems is a major issue.

  • These packages have incorrect head collisions. Because the heads are hat accessories instead of being actual proper head parts, when avatars using these packages enter any form of a physics state, be it ragdolling, rolling, etc, the head does not collide consistently with head geometry. In the case of my avatar, the entire front of the ‘head’ can clip into the ground instead of it having an actual collision with the ground, because it is a hat accessory.

Overall, packages such as these should have their ‘head’ hat accessories converted into actual proper head parts, so that they can perform consistently with the rest of the catalog packages and make use of new avatar technologies, conforming to Roblox’s vision with avatars.


Roblox has a huge catalog of awesome bundles and body parts, but at random some of cool ones are botched by issues like this. These kinds of problems harm the ability for users to express themselves, and gives them a bad impression of Roblox. Given all of the new technology that relies on heads actually being heads, these assets can be regarded as broken, and they really shouldn’t be!

The simplest solution to this is simply awarding everyone who owns these affected bundles an additional head asset. This means Roblox does not have to risk breaking thousands of avatars or figure out how to automatically update them all, and users can manually switch over as they desire.

Also, it is currently completely impossible for the community to get in touch with anyone that can fix art issues with catalog assets. Complaints about long-standing issues like this go either unheard, or unacknowledged. It would be awesome if we could see improvements in this area. There isn’t even a place on the forum that can accommodate issues like this (engine bugs is absolutely not correct).


For whatever reason Roblox wants these reported to CS rather than here. See: Report Catalog Errors

There should be better ways to deal with it but that’s better served elsewhere.

Just sent them an email, hopefully it will lead this report somewhere

Update : I spoke to murilo (an avatar product manager), he’s trying to get it fixed. Likely won’t happen until Q1 of 2022.

In any case, he still hasn’t done anything about this sjet. It’s really domage that character packs (Like our dear Crimson claw) are in this stall. I hope they will do something one day.

Resurfacing this, since facial animations are now rolling out to heads. A lot of older avatar bundles still don’t have correct heads!

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I really hope they will update this character pack. It would be really awesome if Crimson Claw’s head was animated a bit like Gecko.

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Hi folks, we are looking into this issue at the moment, and we really appreciate everyone’s patience while we try to upgrade these hat heads. The decision to make these heads as hats was made a long, long time ago. If you look at a lot of these “heads”, you’ll see that they’re much bigger than most of the real heads we have. The original intention was to have a variety of fun, swappable heads that did not cause any collision issues when equipped.

We understand that we’d all like to have these hat heads as real heads. We are still exploring solutions to make that happen, so thank you all for your patience.


Thank you for your answer. I hope it will be updated soon Because I really like this character

I noticed this character had a new version with an animated head.

Before :
( ✦ ) Squelette de t-rex - Roblox

After :
( ✦ ) T-Rex Skeleton - Roblox

I sincerely hope that the Crimson Claw character receives this same update! (In addition to this character having a catastrophic “hitbox”)

Please do something with this character still costs 1000 Robux