Some meshes import grey

No, the faces are not flipped and no its not a material or texture. Yes I tried double sided

they’re stuck dark grey and applying mateirals, coloring it, and even adding textures / decals will still make it darker than regular parts


is it all one mesh or seperated


all of the meshes are seperated


probably an import error i think

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what is it supposed to look like?

have you tried surface appearance?

what material is it using? (those tend to make things darker or lighter)

how did you import them? (check the console logs, it might help)

is it an export issue? (try viewing the mesh in another softwhere)

Perhaps you should read the post where it answers most of these questions

It was exported as a .fbx

If you’re using blender, I suggest you export the mesh as a .obj

Ok, let me clarify.
Do you have a screenshot of it’s intended appearance from inside your 3d molding software?

this is a material
this is a color
this is a texture
this is a decal
I asked about a surface appearance

In annycase… Have you tried any of the solutions to similar problems?
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Been running into the same issue as you, and I feel like I can understand your frustration. I know this post is a month old and don’t mean to “necropost,” but it seems like it must be a niche problem. So here’s my solution so far.

I don’t have any materials or textures on any of these parts, the lighting isn’t the thing affecting them, and the face orientation is fine and intentionally placed how I want.

The only alternative to this process that I’ve found is to switch back to the Asset Manager, which I know can be really annoying to use at times, so good luck.

Pretty sure this is ultimately a Studio Bug, that is hopefully resolved soon. Make multiple bug reports people!

and yes, all the properties are the same

I solved this problem with the original build in the post by selecting the entire build in object mode in blender, doing ctrl + a, clicking on location, scale, or rotation, and turning all 3 on in Apply Object Transform.
Sometimes this causes your build to become minorly deformed. Unfortunately theres no way around this, it’s minor, and it’s mostly easily fixable.

It should look like this:
If this doesn’t work let me know!

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