Somehow, this game managed to entirely disable the CoreGui escape menu and button

Mind telling us how it was done? Feel free to DM if you don’t want it to be public.


It doesn’t seem to work anymore.

But it still manages to capture escape

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I am wondering if this relates to how the core gui scam that tricked users into giving their robux away by drawing ontop of the coregui works.


(Ignore my other post, I’m deleting it)

Maybe, the other one makes it invisible, and the actual button is under the popup

Wheras in this case the real button is under the custom one

maybe this???

This disables the basic core GUI, but doesn’t actually disable the Roblox button on the top left.

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That’s because a ROBLOX admin was caught in attention and had removed the script that made the modern menu go away.

It’s probably illegal to do this on ROBLOX either way, and it causes problems. It still captures escape because the game is intended to being accurate, but i don’t see why they need to capture escape.

This probably happened on RETROBLOX aswell, since i was told by a former developer of Retro Dev that RETROBLOX and RetroStudio used the same engine module, so it was probably not just RetroStudio that was causing the problem.

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I don’t know much about Core GUI but wouldn’t you be able to just destroy the esc menu using Destroy()?

Again idk if that’s how that works because I don’t know much about how core GUI works.

No, it’s protected. If it were that easy it would be more common. I believe the technique they used has now been patched though.

Ah I see. I figured it was something like that but I thought it was worth putting out there. Thanks!

there is another but if you wanne see a game who has it, just search Windows XP Gui Test you will notice when pressing esc it has a really nice sound and UI so its not patched as now. it renames the playergui so don’t forget that they had to fix all of the player GUI to the location and in coregui script its trying to find it but doesn’t work that’s why it hid

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Does this still work, and can you tell the reproduction method more detailed?

put a localscript in starterplayerscripts and write

game.Players.LocalPlayer.PlayerGui.Name = "lol"

Note: This is probably against Roblox TOS and should not be used except for fun experiments.

I actually found out about it yesterday! Even made a nostalgic video about it: Roblox - Disabling CoreGui - YouTube

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The way how it was done in Windows XP Gui Test was very simple. In a LocalScript in ReplicatedFirst, it checks what device you are using. If it is a VR Headset or a TenFootInterface, it does not disable CoreGUI due to issues revolving around those UIs. If it is NOT a VR Headset or a TenFootInterface, it renames PlayerGui to PlayarGui.

game.Players.LocalPlayer:FindFirstChildWhichIsA("PlayerGui").Name = "PlayarGui"

Suprised how this hasn’t been fixed already. The only reason why CoreGUIs break is because they rely on


Since the PlayerGui object is renamed, the WaitForChild throws an “infinite yield possible” error and breaks the script. Most modern Roblox CoreGUIs break due to this issue.

If you are using this in your game, please make sure there is an easy way to leave it/open your custom menu (use simialar menu locations, esc button). Not doing any of those can ruin user experience.

Also, DO NOT USE THIS if you rely on certain features such as Viewing avatars, etc. Those UIs don’t even work due to the WaitForChild issue.

If your game has console or VR support, please add checks before the script is run to ensure that those platforms do NOT have PlayerGui renamed. Those players cannot leave the game with PlayerGui renamed, as most of the important CoreGUIs break.

This may be against TOS. Abuse this bug at your own risk.


i did too but its really glitchy and i doubt its gonna be hard to make a custom menu

If it’s against the ToS, why even explain the method either way?

It’s been around for months now, without a patch. TBH i don’t really care if i get banned, Roblox isnt that interesting to me anymore

Update for anyone subscribed to this thread: the bug has been fixed. If you have any custom menus, please reposition the button if it was where the Roblox button was.

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