"Sort By" Filters in the Library are Missing

  • The Problem
    Today on the 22nd of November, I noticed that some of the filters in the library search are missing. Specifically it’s the “Sort By” filters, or the ones that sort by relevance and sales. It’s affecting all asset categories and is occurring on the website and in studio. I’m not sure if this was intentional or an accident, since the browser console didn’t mention anything about filters. I tried this on Firefox and Microsoft Edge Chromium and switched accounts, but they shared the same results.


  • Repro
    If you’re on the website, head over to the library and enter a search. You’ll notice that the lack of the Sort By drop down that was there
    In Studio, open the toolbox and enter a search term. Then click on the filter button on the upper right corner, where some additional filter options should be, but you can only sort by creator.

I’m having the same issue, hopefully it’ll be fixed or there’s some way to fix it since I often use the sort by options when finding models.

Screenshot 2021-11-24 181459


It seems to have been removed site-wide, even in Studio. It’s a very strange change, to say the least.

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Yea, very odd. Apparently this “can be fixed” by typing something like, &SortType=RecentlyUpdated (or whatever filter) at the end of the site URL, which works for me. However, this MIGHT be on purpose to fix model botting, (if you were to go to recently updated on the models section, its nothing but models being spammed by bots, etc) so we’ve probably just got a permanent change.


If you ask me it’s gone for good like many other features Roblox has removed. I can recall using this myself for finding both decent and annoying audios as for models, decals, and just about everything else. Roblox might have killed trolling communities, but they also might’ve killed the creative ones.

For now, R.I.P. library.


I really hope that isn’t the case. Sure they weren’t the best filters, but they were better than nothing. Removing them only makes searching the library harder than it already is.


I don’t know if this is an intentional change…if it is, it is a terrible step back to actually finding things. Their website wiki still suggest you can sort by recent/most favorited etc.

I also have noticed when I search for mesh’s for example, any key word I put in i’m getting only 10 or so results, when in the past there were PAGES AND PAGES for those same key words. I’m not convinced I’m seeing everything when searching, and I confirmed no filters are on.