Specific audios with correct permissions not loading after latest (4:30PM EST) website update

Hey @spotco, we’re looking into this! Will share an update when we have one


I am encoring this same issue in my game, thankfully it’s not impacting it currently as it’s still in previews, not even an alpha.

Same here! I can’t even launch my game in Roblox Studio for testing! So can’t continue working on it at the moment either. Can understand that this sound update is necessary, but the implementation is a disaster.

Yup - appears to be affect ingame and studio quite badly. This evening after working on my experience I suddenly get this when trying to open the experience:

It also now can’t find the StarterGUI and it timing out when you try to play the experience.

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That’s what the output looks like for me at the moment too! Three days ago there was not a single error message. The sad thing is, that even though I meet all the requirements for this sound update, the error messages still occur.

Hi, thanks for the report. Can you let us know whether you’re still seeing this issue for new servers?



I am experiencing this issue with new servers and audios that should have permissions because they are made by the same group as the experience.

The issue is NOT fixed on either live servers, or a freshly started private server.


  1. Launch game [🍂Autumn] RoBeats! 🎧 Music + Rhythm + RPG - Roblox
  2. Press “Play Button”
  3. Launch song “Armageddon” (It should be the first one in the list).
  4. Observe that the audio does not play, and an error appears in the dev console.


The audio linked has correct permissions:

Any additional steps that we can take?

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Quick update: it looks like some previously broken audios are now working, and vice-versa.

Audio that was broken around 4:50PM EST, which is currently working (at 7PM EST)

Audio that was working around 4:50PM EST, which is currently broken:

Audio that has been broken this whole time:

These all have the same permissions (uploaded to the RobeatsDev group, to a separate universe from the game and manually added to the “RoBeats” universe in the configure page).
Let me know if there are any more details needed.

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Still occurring for me

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I have also experienced this issue. Additionally, I have many sound assets uploaded to my account that I am unable to grant permission to use to an experience that I own. I assume I’m being rate limited? But why do I have to give myself permission to use my own audio anyways? Isn’t this just a bit redundant?

Some tips from when the feature was first released yesterday:

  • Audios will only work by default if they are uploaded to the same universe as your game. This is contradictory to what is mentioned in here ([Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio), but hasn’t been fixed yet.
  • Setting universe permissions on audio assets (not in the same universe as your game) appears to work, barring the issue I created this thread about. (A few assets started breaking around 4:30PM EST on 3/23).
  • Based on various factors we don’t see, setting universe permissions in the library/configure page may fail. From experience we’d recommend saving multiple times, and always refreshing after to see if your added universe “stuck around”.
  • There was a brief period yesterday (3/22) where an asset could get into an “invalid” state where we were unable to set any universe permissions on it. This was fixed yesterday, but may be back.

It would be great to have a message about this on the status page.

At Splash, we are receiving quite a large volume of bug reports about intermittently broken audio, as I’m sure other game’s devs are. Not a great time to be running a music game hey @spotco :slight_smile:

If we could simply point our users to an official status (that isn’t random developer forum threads) it would be really helpful.

Hey team, I know there’s a lot going on, but is it possible to get an update to this issue? It appears separate to the issue of privacy settings and time length = 0.

Lots of audio is still failing to load. Here’s an example of what our console logs look like:

Edit: did some thorough testing it seems much much better today than it was yesterday! Most assets are loading, only a small few are not. Feels like we might be almost in the clear.

I’m still getting this error on newer servers.


I click the error message, and get this:

Then when I relaunch the experience it says that I lack permissions still.

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Experiencing this as well! When I open studio & press play I see these errors:

I then stop running play, and “grant permission” for every audio:

Though, when running play again (even after restarting studio) I’m met with the same errors. I can confirm the configure page for every audio does have the proper universe ID:

This universe has multiple places within it, none of my audios are working in any of my places even know the Audio Discovery plugin lists them all as “OK”

EDIT: As of Friday(3/25) my sounds seem to be working :slightly_smiling_face:

@Seranok to add onto what Fungatki said, this has only occurred to my audios. The other audios in my game are owned by ROBLOX or other community members, its only my audios doing this.

were this audios uploaded recently or re-permissioned ones from the past?

Both, I had 3 audios I uploaded before the update, and one audio after. All refuse to be accepted.