Sponsors Only Shows ONE GAME

This bug (may rather be an abuse of the system as well but no proof to support that) has led to every single Sponsored Game that I’ve ran into - to display a non-playable game titled “Untitled Game” published by Roblox User “ChristineLeDomas” and can be observed on the Games Page in any of the sorts where Sponsored Games are found

This drastically effects the Sponsor system and the rates for other users, as seen here:

Other users have experienced this issue as well; although, they have not split it into a separate topic as I have – other cases:

I cannot specifically state when this began as I only took notice recently - however, I believe more developers have not noticed these issues because of the drastically reduced visibility of Sponsored games (post that demonstrates the scarcity of Sponsored Games); thus, making their chances of noticing the issues parallel to that of the visibility of Sponsored Games. It is to be assumed that this occurred due to the most recent overhaul to the system.

As mentioned prior all these games are the same - this may be occurring for other users and would most likely explain (with great assurance) the noticeable decrease (and sometimes nullification) of Sponsored Impressions


Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.