Sponsorship is bugged: "Your experience is currently not eligible for advertising."

Reproduction Steps
Whenever I try to sponsor the Troublemaker Roblox game Troublemaker - Roblox, it says that the experience is not elegible for advertising. This is despite the experience:

  • Being 8 days old
  • Having 75K+ visits
  • Not using any copyrighted material

Expected Behavior
I expected the sponsored ad to work.

Actual Behavior
Whenever I try to sponsor the Troublemaker Roblox game Troublemaker - Roblox, it says that the experience is not elegible for advertising. This is despite the experience:

Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL: Roblox
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2021-11-23 00:11:00 (-05:00)
Date Last Experienced: 2021-11-24 00:11:00 (-05:00)


This error is shown when the ad name is filtered. Try changing it and see if that fixes the issue.


Sadly, that didn’t work. I don’t see any sponsored games too honestly on roblox.


I tried many different ad names and it didn’t work


It doesn’t seem to work for me too. It follows all requirements but I can’t release my game because I’m unable to sponsor.

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I am experiencing this issue with my game as well.

I think it might be that they don’t allow sponsorships on games that have been created recently. Cannot confirm but my current guess is this is a countermeasure by Roblox to prevent scam games from being uploaded then instantly advertised.


Have you had any success now that it has been ~11-12 days? I am currently in the same boat sitting at around 7 days after publishing my game to my group.

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Getting the same problem, it is VERY ANNOYING that Roblox doesn’t have a specific error message, just a blanket “your game is not eligible” message. I BELIEVE in my case it’s because the game is just a few days old, but I genuinely don’t understand why there is 0 transparency here when it’s something so innocent.

Roblox, fix your error - Give us some specifics, for crying out loud. Lord.

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Still no success unfortunately…

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I also have this problem! I released my game like two weeks ago and I still can’t sponsor it… I think that it has something to do with group games. It’s most certainly a bug

Is this affecting traditional banner ads for your game as well? Or just sponsorships?

Just sponsorships. user ads work fine

Same, also just sponsorships. I only use user ads atm

Somebody said they were waiting for 18 days and no luck, so i don’t think waiting is a good soulutiion

Yeah I have a game that was created on 8/10/21. It still has the issue. The issue isn’t just the date created, its the amount of updates over the course of several months. Because I have another game made in the same date, but I’ve updated it a lot so that one shows up for me.

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THat’s definetly confusing. I hope somebody figures something out.

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I’ve heard sponsorships are known to help more then user ads, this seems like it’s affecting getting your game out there, so I hope it gets fixed, soon.


Game 1:

Game 2:

Notice how both games were created on the same day. However, I can only see the second game in friend activity, recently played, favorited. I can only sponsor the second game.

This is most likely due to the number of updates to the place over the course of the months.

I don’t know who thought of this system but its harmful for developers who work on a separate place file and publish to the main place all at once when they’re done. That main place would be hidden and cannot be sponsored.

Maybe it’s because you have no thumbnail GFX? I would try putting one on and see what happens.

They both don’t have one. It’s not the thumbnail.

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