StarterCharacters no longer load shirts & pants

When using a custom character model via StarterPlayer, shirts & pants are now deleted outright instead of loading in with the character model.

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Can you provide more information about what you mean? Are the shirts & pants part of your custom character or are you expecting the player’s equipped shirts and pants to load? Can you give an example place?

Steps to report a bug:

What happens for custom characters is that the character appearance isn’t loaded with the character anymore, as I discovered with my R15 port.


  1. Create a custom character in StarterPlayer
  2. Press “Play Solo”
  3. No character appearance should show.
  4. You may notice the joints under the Torso and HumanoidRootPart are no longer created as well (my R15 plugin was broken for a day due to this)

Edit: Appears EchoReaper already posted it

Joints shouldn’t be automatically created on custom StarterCharacters to allow for non-standard character rigs.


The character model put into StarterPlayer, and how players looked before the update:

How players load in now (notice the shirt & pants are completely deleted):

I’m super thankful the joint overwrite bug is gone, though.

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A fix to correctly load shirts & pants on StarterCharacters will be included in the release next week.