SteamVR forcefully opening when playing a game (Regression to how Roblox integrates with SteamVR)

steamVR also opens for me, despite having no HMD connected and no VR option visible in the settings.


SteamVR and roblox are different

Although SteamVR launches on startup, Oculus VR does not launch for me, and I have both installed. @SubtotalAnt8185 made a good point in his reply.

i beg, please fix this, it’s so tiring to have my computer slow to a crawl every time i commit the heinous act of accidentally launching the roblox player with, heavens forbid, my valve index plugged into my computer


Roblox employees are probably still in holidays, so highly doubt this will be fixed in time.

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The first report that this issue was apparently fixed was on December 9, 2022 5:07 AM.
The issue started reoccurring on approximately December 9, 2022 8:00 PM.

These three FFlags were changed on December 9, 2022 9:57 PM (could be delayed, read below). I viewed these changes using Roblox FFlag Watcher, selecting the PCDesktopClient bucket, and searching “VR”.

The most likely timeline of events is that:

  1. The issue was at first internally fixed.
  2. Some other internal change happened (not related to the FFlags), which made the fix not work anymore.
  3. These FFlags were changed in an attempt to remedy the issue. However, these FFlag changes were ineffective, and Roblox engineers are still working on this issue, which is why it hasn’t been resolved yet.

Of course, there’s a possibility that FFlag Watcher could be delayed by a few hours. Another version of events could be that:

  1. The issue was at first internally fixed.
  2. Due to miscommunication between Roblox engineers, the FFlags were changed and made the fix not work anymore.
  • If this is what actually happened, this seems like a very simple solution on Roblox’s part! They can simply change the FFlags back to their state prior to the unfixing, and the issue would finally be resolved.

This is all speculation though, so take these two timelines with a lot of salt. No one except Roblox engineers would know what actually happened and how to remedy this.


Fortunately, a bandaid fix that was posted here (this reply!) works just fine, albeit is tedious and can get annoying if you forget to do it.

Simply go to where SteamVR is installed and rename the folder to something that is not “SteamVR”, and it should stop opening.
And if you want to play VR games, go back and rename the folder to SteamVR and it’ll work again

Still occurs. Seems like they didn’t fix it yet.

I use VR a lot. I can’t be bothered to change my directories every time.


This is really frustrating and has been happening for months. Roblox, please fix.

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This is still not fixed. Has anyone figured out some way to stop Roblox from detecting the SteamVR folder, without having to change the folder’s name? It would be great if someone made a program that did that.

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the bit that goes from the tether to the e split off cables can also be unplugged, launches fine, steamvr launches but just screams at you for no headset, which is just a simple close

Im not really mad with it constantly opening vr, the main part that is very annoying is that it starts up the base stations, and if those turn off and on too much and too fast it can kill the motors, so Roblox trying to make me waste money :skull:

Roblox will use SteamVR to run Roblox in well, VR, but SteamVR is also used for other VR games (and if you have external tracking, the trackers themselves), main annoyance it booting up all of the vr stuff even though i just want to enjoy Roblox on a nice 2D space, instead of putting on my headset.

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I think SteamVR is for steam games with VR like Rec Room…

SteamVR handles anything VR, Roblox being one of them as Roblox does support VR

Losing my goddamn mind over this issue. The cables at the back of my PC are extremely inconvenient to access and the breakaway connector for my VR cable is not meant to be frequently unplugged, it will eventually break if I have to keep unplugging it just to use the Roblox client.


For the sake of your VR headset, I recommend you follow this quick fix: this reply! (index only, oculus I’m not sure how to)
It works wonders for me, but it just takes some time to get used to.

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This is very annoying. Would love to see this fixed soon.


Hey everyone!

Coming back with great news! The issue is fixed now and ready to be deployed in the next update, which will be in a couple of days!

Thank you for your patience!


I’m not sure if this was before the update came out, but the client kept making the Oculus app pop up until I killed ovrservicelnch.exe. I’ll look out for it if it was just before this update.

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This is great, but now a separate issue has arisen from this: I can’t launch Roblox in VR anymore. The option for VR mode in the settings has disappeared. Attempting to launch a Roblox game with SteamVR running will simply won’t show the game in the HMD and VR mode is never turned on.

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