SteamVR once again automatically opens whenever starting roblox

There has been 211 days between the original bug report and your reply. So far, we have had one official statement regarding a fix to this, and it was to say that the fix had to be revoked for further testing.

The fact that there is no higher priority for an issue that has been plaguing us for 211 days is completely irresponsible for the same people that claim to value communication. The fact that it took months inbetween statements to get something as simple as “We’re working on it” is disheartening and does not bode well for the future of this company and product.

As Zeno stated, either you or someone who is able to needs to bring this to a higher priority, especially when ROBLOX is now promoting VR on their platform. No bug should last this long without even a semblance of communication inbetween testing or downtime.


Can’t believe this hasnt been fixed. roblox what are you doing??? Im still having issues with this.


Still wondering when ROBLOX will actually decide to listen, and actually respect my client settings.


If this still persists throughout 2024, that’s quite a accomplishment.

of course if it does get fixed, that’s also a accomplishment

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265 days have passed between the original bug report and today.

  • There has been no change towards the state of this bug report nor the bug itself since then.
  • Neither you nor any other employee in your division or in general has come into this thread to give us an update regarding the progress of this fix.
  • We are still forced to use workarounds in order to access multiple experiences on your platform without hesitation or issues.

What is the genuine issue with this company and being unable to produce worthwhile results in a timely manner? Why is it that we, as consumers of your product, have to beg in dead threads to get some semblance of communication that you people will otherwise never give to us?

Is the VR team underpaid? Underutilized? Forced into submission? What is going on.


This bug is actually damaging my headset cable due to repeated unplugging and replugging. RIP index

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This should work better as a workaround :slight_smile:

2024, I’ve had this issue for about 2 years now it’s almost second nature to just rename the SteamVR file every time I launch either Roblox or Roblox Studio. It’s genuinely annoying when I launch Studio and have to exit the process every single time I forget to rename the file. Please, I beg of you Roblox, please fix this. I am so sick of having to do a routine examination of my program files every single time I want to launch the application. It is genuinely insane that this has been going on for as long as it has for what I assume would probably be a very simple fix. No other application on my computer does this, only ones marked specifically VR (which ask me if I would like to launch the game in VR, which Roblox does not.)


roblox can you just fix the thing im dying here

update: a way to disable this is by disabling any addons like AMD Radeon™ Relive for VR or ALVR if you use one of those

if not, then idk

Mind blowing that they’ll consistently work on other features to improve VR, but won’t prioritize current SteamVR issues.

Thanks for all of your patience here. We’ve identified the issue and are getting ready to ship a fix that will ensure that if you have the VR turned off in Settings, Roblox will no longer try to launch in PCVR mode. We’re running through our final QA passes now.


We’ve just enabled the change that correctly applies your VR settings. If you have VR turned off, you will no longer see Roblox initialize in PCVR mode. Please let me know if you’re still seeing issues.

We’re aware of an issue showing a compatibility warning dialogue on some Quest headsets and are working to resolve it. In the meantime, dismissing the popup will allow you to use Roblox normally.

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Some added info in case needed,
Simply having Oculus VR open in background, even without a VR headset turned on / connected seems to throw this error:

Task manager of what’s open:

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Thank you so much! Ironically, this will make working on my VR games much easier :slight_smile:


See here for more context on the warning dialogue: "Roblox may not be compatible with some Virtual Reality (VR) headsets" error after today's update

I appear to be still getting this issue. I’ve tried reinstalling ROBLOX to ensure I am on the latest build, and toggling the VR setting. It does seem that the game does respect my VR settings but not going into VR mode but still launches SteamVR.


Issue still persists for me. VR is turned off for both Studio and Player, and both open SteamVR like usual.


Looking into this now, thank you for providing detail!

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Bumping this again, is there a fix coming anytime soon? It was promised a few times already and it still hasn’t come, it’s a persistent issue for most or almost everyone I do know who owns an index, including myself.


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Update, this is still happening. Is there going to be any changes coming to fix this for some devices?