Stop new accounts from liking and flagging inactive threads

Visitors and new members seem to think that liking posts will help them promote, and it’s bumping up a lot of old posts. I don’t see why liking my really old support threads should be a thing. I’ve just started taking them down so I don’t have to deal with the like notifications from new members.

I’ve shown my support for removing visitor likes all together before, but the ability to like old and inactive threads needs to go.


This kind of seems like more of a personal problem, personally I see no bad in somebody liking (my) old posts, nor does it bother me to quickly tick on my profile to remove the notification.

If I were a visitor and saw a post I related to or found interesting enough to like, my intent would not be to promote or bump it, but simply leave a like showing that I agree or like the creation if that’s what it is, I think same goes for a lot of other people, but I can’t speak on that individually.

I think a better solution to this would be to add a feature that let’s you mute likes/replies to a specific post of yours (unless that is already a feature that I don’t know of), rather than restricting new members from interacting as a whole.


I was a lot more immature when I started posting here, so for example, one of the threads I took down because it started getting a lot of TL0/1 likes in specific was “Parts DELETING THEMSELVES!?!?” with lines like “This is FOR SURE the strangest bug I’ve ever experienced!” and more. It started getting a bunch of likes out of nowhere and I was forced to take it down. The solution? Simply just don’t allow likes.

I do agree with this, but bumping the thread because of the likes should also no longer be possible if this is added.


bro, I took me like 6 months to get to member [the member promotion isn’t documented anywhere] and I didn’t even like a single post, WTH.

I know what you’re talking about

though I really appreciate the support,

I don’t know why people like my old replies and topics


The promotion standards aren’t random as most people believe. It’s a set amount which is being sent to your client, and the like requirement is really low, but the current standard is run out of likes every day for a week and you’ll get it, which is not true.


Respect the visitors. They give you clout.

If you believe this is the case, then Devforum should’ve switched to approval system again so everyone can engage without having to worry about “promotions”

This will prevent actual developer-visitors from showing gratitude and upvoting a solution within a thread which could possibly help others.

This seems more of social-oriented issue where a user does not want to see users “strange” or off-the-forum liking their posts. Just disable like notifications. It does not have to bother you.

What’s worse is necro-bumping instead of likes “bumping” the posts. This suggestion is seen negative and there will be no benefits to daily users of this forum that are aware.


I’d like to jump in and say you can remove those ‘like’ notifications entirely by settings the following to ‘Never’:


This is already a feature, but not specifically for posts, rather for a topic/thread. You can mute a topic, disabling all notifications related to that topic with the following:

An option to mute based on a post-basis seems like fluff, but I’m not opposed to the idea. That’s something to post about on the Discourse Forum though, not the Roblox Developer Forum.


Even if they listen and add a feature request, it won’t come to the Devforum for a long time because it’s on the Stable branch, what they describe as a “lack of change” option.


At first, I thought it was random when I got Member out of nowhere, but when I dig a little deeper, I found out that I “read” a certain amount of posts [somewhere around November 2022]

ah yes these days when you have to wait 365 hours to get your post approved, It seems like post approval is back, but it isn’t


Disabling Member, Regular, and Leader like notifications is outright not useful at all.

Nah bro, I always want my notification section clean, Recently a visitor cluttered it by putting 7 notifications


Anyways I fully agree with this, I always get annoyed by like notifications, and I don’t want visitors to necrobump posts

@DarkPixlz What do you mean by “new accounts”, Do you mean accounts that joined the forum for less than a year? Are you talking about accounts that don’t have the Anniversary badge?



I’ve encountered a similar issue today, I replied on multiple topics/posts and I was flagged for ‘Spam’ I was also flagged for making a topic based on things to do when you’re bored (Things to do in ROBLOX studio when bored)

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I think there are a lot of people who’d like a support topic because they have the same problem and want to show support. This doesn’t make the likes any less potentially annoying, but I don’t think that every single one is solely for the purpose of getting promoted.

I personally don’t think this is a good idea because any old support thread you make could be helpful to someone who’s searching for an answer to the same problem. Even if you regret the way you worded your question back then or are annoyed by the like’s it’s getting, I don’t see a point in preventing others from using the solutions on that thread.


I’ll be honest: i don’t think that was the case. The thread was named “Parts DELETING THEMSELVES!?!?” and the post which kept getting likes was just a Discord screenshot, and the people who like every post in a thread just to hit the limit, and then bumping it. My issue was caused by me being clueless and was not a real issue.


Wasn’t one fo the requirements to gain access to posting on the Developer Forums liking x amount of replies and posts?

Why are you complaining about visitors liking your posts? It just means that they support your post, agree with it, or like it. It isn’t a big deal.

Maybe ignore the notifications? Just don’t look at them.? Just pretend they’re not there?


Yes, but it is not as high as some people think. It’s somewhere in the range of 25-50 if I’m remembering correctly.


How is it useful to exclude? If you’re using it as a tracking for opinions, the opinions of visitors matters as much as general users here do. If you worry about the “fake” likes for because they think it’s part of the promotion, sorry to spoil but it doesn’t make sense muting them while the total like count still consider visitors and you likely won’t care about like notifications or will you count each of them (unless your clout chasing and getting NewFissy to like your reply).

Visitors still should be able to like no matter what, and I don’t think the service has a feature where you can exclude which roles can push your notification for likes.

That is the Devforum issue to begin with. They probably know, but they obviously don’t do anything about it. How about we only have post approval for visitors which still can so much cope their worries about promotions.

Turn off your notifications, and the seriousness of necrobumping is leaning to more of a replying to old posts issue instead of likes.


There isn’t much use to a TL0 user being allowed to like posts, as it encourages things like boosting stats on users profiles with alts, or having TL0 users liking (and in turn encouraging) spam/rule breaking posts.

They’re (at that time) completely unable to interact with the community otherwise until they earn their rank up, I don’t see why likes can’t be included in that restriction. Avoids all sorts of abuse.


I know many that likes every reply of the topic just to “rank up”, You don’t need to like posts to rank up [like how I didn’t even like a single post and I got member], and they always run out of the daily like limit


I’m not sure how often this happens, but posts past a certain age threshold with no activity should be getting archived, which restricts the post from getting flagged or liked.


Screenshot 2023-12-21 212130

At this point you’re saying that likes caused by visitors liking the topic and every reply just to hit the limit matters

What if someone wants to know when their post got interacted?

This is what I always think about, however, The OP is an regular, so I believed it, and It was like the issue I am facing for MANY MONTHS, so maybe this is the -112365592nd time my thoughts are right


This question does not counter but rather supports the question I’ve given. The visitor interacts with the posts and they are notified, that means excluding is ineffective. If you’re speaking in terms of reply, I’m sure there’s an option to disable like notifications completely. If that question is the counter, that is the answer you’ve given me to further support my stance.

If that is not the counter, then you didn’t answer my question to have an insight on why it matters much. Off-topic but related: As much as how much you complained about Russian letters looking like Greek in cursives on Roblox’s scripting window to admitting to flexing your reading and writing in that language, you should also use this moment to prove yourself that you are simply just wanting to exclude people and know you’ve “gained attention” from specifically members of DevForum.