Studio Crashes upon editing scripts for more than roughly 2 minutes

  • After opening scripts within Studio, I have around 2-3 minutes to edit code, save, continue editing before it will crash. I can see no obvious reason behind this, nor am I recieving any other information other than: “Roblox crashed unexpectedly.”.

  • This happens with every place window I have open that I begin to edit code within, I currently have a window open of a game that I have not touched, and it has yet to crash.

  • This only appears to be occuring within the code-editing portion of studio.

  • This has only just started happening after the most recent update. It is incredibly annoying.

  • I am currently editing within a Game; Utilising Linked Source scripts, Modules with Linked Sources, and very rarely have more than one studio application running at a time.


If ur on windows I advise opening task manager (ctrl shift esc) and monitoring studio’s memory usage. One of your plugins might have a memory leak.


I’ve been having the same issue since a couple days ago


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