Studio crashes when enabling IK on Animation Editor

As the topic title says, Roblox Studio crashes when I use the Apply IK feature and attempt to move a joint with the Animation Editor. Normally, I’d expect this to not crash at all, of course.

This bug happens 100% of the time. To reproduce the issue giving me the crash:

  • Spawn an R15 Block Dummy from the Animation menu
  • Open the animation editor, select the dummy
  • Select Apply IK
  • Select a joint and try to drag - crash occurs

This happens on Roblox Studio. I’ve tried it on at least five blank baseplates now, all of which yielded the same result. This also happened with a blank place uploaded to a live slot.

Bug in action:

I only started trying out the new Animation Editor’s IK feature today. I don’t know if this was a bug prior.

That’s all.


Hey colbert2677,

We have a fix on the way that prevents users from being able to manipulate a joint while it is locked. I will have to investigate why the crash still happens when dragging a joint that isn’t locked. It could be possible that one of the locked joints is part of the chain being manipulated.

The crash that you are getting simply by toggling IK on is on a new place, after reopening studio?


It seems that was just a one time thing, forgot to edit it out of my post (tested a couple times, was able to enable IK without issue but I can’t actually use IK). The crashes only happen after I enable IK and then interact with the handles for a body part, as per the original post.

Studio is crashing on me just by activating IK when a part (representing a sword) is welded to the right hand.

Using latest windows 10.

Crash Repro.rbxm (11.0 KB)

Can you please attach the model and Rig you are working with?

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Crash Repro.rbxm (11.0 KB)

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It crashes when ever I’ve tried to rotate the body part connected to the part, so in this case the hand.

@EchoReaper you able to upgrade the priority of this bug? It’s stopping the development of any animations.

@Lilly_S @Nightgaladeld Can you check if this is being looked into? I can’t do any more development because I am waiting to animate all the tools for my game.

My issue with IK seems to be solved, check if yours is too @colbert2677


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Yep, damn. Started getting crashes again too.

Bug is still relevant. Just going to update the post that any kind of IK work has crashed me, not just when specific conditions are met.

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See: New to Animation Editor: Inverse Kinematics

(Links to response by TheGamer101)

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As an animator myself, I see myself not using this too much, but hey now I don’t have to suffer to move every single body part individuly ;D