Studio Design Refresh - Docking Overhaul & Ribbon Upgrade

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I am begging the Studio team to not leave it at just a “UI Visibility” toggle but to also be able to entirely disable the UI Editor feature, I hate it so much and don’t want it to exist. A Studio design overhaul feels like a good time to revisit this with the features team so we can have both the button available and the underlying technical parts addressed to remove it.


This is cool!! I think this will generate a very nice experience in Studio, as I will be able to multi script easily!! Thank you so much for this


I cant thank you all enough for this - studio looks super bad and I’m extremely excited to have these updates!


This looks great! I’m so excited for the new docking features especially. I get frustrated at the current docking system a lot, and I hope this fixes a lot of my current issues!

Edit: I’m also SUPER excited for the new icons!!! A lot of people including me think they could use a refresh. It would be nice if instead of forcing the new icons, there was an option to change icon themes in settings and revert to the old ones. Maybe you could have your own custom themes like vanilla without replacing the icons files or using a mod manager,


This is cool and somewhat useful but, can we have an option to disable actual tabs / buttons in the top bar? The majority tabs in there I don’t a use and it’s takes up a lot of space.

For example — It’s still an issue that the visual gui editor or whatever it’s called keeps annoying the hell out of me when I touch any gui. There’s no way for me to disable it. It’s baked in. Even when I don’t want to use it.

Seriously hurts my workflow and my brain…


This looks awesome! To clarify, has the docking behavior changed substantially, if at all? Or is it purely a visual overhaul to better indicate where widgets will dock?


Been waiting a long time to see the release of this, excited for new docking and panel hiding behavior. Hopefully the overabundance of widgets I’m subjected to will be more manageable.

Also want to bring up this issue again, now is a good time to do a pass over all built in widgets to reduce their minimum sizes so we can better control our layouts: Reduce minimum height for most built in widgets

Does this address any issues with the plugin bar perchance? (i.e. icons randomly being sized up or down, in random order, etc.)

Have issues with the Quick Access Bar occasionally losing user customization after updates been fixed? That’s a big reason why I stopped using it months ago. With the device emulator and UI toggle being removed from the tab bar, having this fixed is more important than before. Even worth considering if these should be in the bar by default.


Nice! Does this mean that Roblox has upgraded to a newer version of QT too, which should support high DPI screens, or was this all built in house?


Sounds great!

those docking features were 100% inspired by Windows 11s (think it has UI that shows up to dock windows when dragging, idk since I’m a Windows 10 user)

In all seriousness, I’ll probably only use the script editor docking. The new ribbon toolbar is pretty cool though!


Can we get the ability to customise the Ribbon bar like you can in other programs such as Microsoft Office

Technically, we already can customise it but its not possible to move plugin toolbars around, and I’d rather have a widget in Studio that officially supports doing this.

Currently, if we modify it using RobloxStudioRibbon.xml we cant do the following:

  • Its not possible to move any Plugin Toolbars, both internal and developer ones
  • Discovering the internal QtAction IDs requires doing a difficult process of using the registry and other roundabout ways of getting internal action IDs
  • Any customisations to the ribbon are lost as soon as Studio is updated
  • Removing the Script and Plugins tabs instantly crashes Studio.

Please make it an official feature


Actually the docking widget is the same as in popular IDEs like Visual Studio. This is fairly industry standard.


Really looking forward to this! And it will be really cool to use Script Editor!

Definitely look forward to the new icons too!


This is a great change but it’d be nice to have the UI visibility button back in the viewport. As someone who works with huge teams everyday and this includes UI designers. Having this toggle was really useful when I am working on a build and I can just take a fraction of a second to not have UI move across my screen. Now I’d need to get out of what I am working on just to disable something. Please, bring it back! It was such a great placement for it.


As noted in the post, if you’re someone who needs the Device Emulator or UI Visibility Toggle frequently you can add it to the quick access bar for similar ease of access (You can even add buttons from community plugins to the quick-access bar, a very underused capability!):


FWIW it seems like this should be in that bar by default, designing for mobile or even just various screen sizes is an extremely critical aspect of serious game development on Roblox.


love love love love this. these small changes make the biggest impact on my workflow. now’s my chance to ask for a 2nd explorer window :grin:


Wouldn’t that involve having two properties windows?


This is gonna make things much smoother and nicer. Good update, Roblox.