Studio freezes when inserting

If you insert an object from the toolbox, studio freezes until either it is inserted or “Selected object cannot be inserted at this time.” shows up. I shouldn’t have to get up and go do something else while I wait for roblox to tell me it couldn’t do what I told it to.


Happens to me to - not on ALL models though.

Usually happens for me (or used to at least – I rarely insert things from the toolbox anymore) when I click on stuff right after it loads. If I I load more items to the toolbox by scrolling down but then wait a couple minutes before inserting, I don’t have the issue.

Do you have an example of an item causing problems?

It isn’t any item, it’s just how the toolbox works. It can be any asset, and no mater what, studio will be frozen until it loads or says it can’t be inserted at this time. This is only an issue when it doesn’t just insert the object immediately (meaning that it is not going to, so you have to wait for it to error before studio can do anything else.)

Do you have an example object from the toolbox that doesn’t insert right away for you?

There isn’t one object in particular, it’s more connectivity-related. An object is always able to be inserted right away eventually, but when there are issues retrieving assets, studio freezes until it gives up and then can’t insert anything until it’s re-started. I haven’t noticed it being able to insert anything while the issue is occurring, and I haven’t seen the issue stop without studio being restarted.

This is still happening to me. Whenever I insert a somewhat big asset from the web, it freezes.

Please add repro file and repro steps, and system specifications:

Reproduce: Get an large model with over 1000 parts all in a small cluster, insert it from the web, or move the individual parts from one model to another, and studio will just freeze.
System Specs:
Surface Pro 4 with i5, 4gb ram, 128GB ssd

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I have this problem lots too, I would love to see this fixed.

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I cant even insert my base into my game because of how many parts it has. Loading it in chunks doesn’t help either since it doesn’t properly position each part of the map whenever i insert each part individually.

I literally just wasted my time making an entire map that can not even be used for my game