Studio is not correctly showing the normals of the object imported from Blender

I have this object on Blender:

Here is the original file:
test.blend (812.5 KB)

I’ve exported it as .obj:
test.obj (22.7 KB)

But when importing in Studio, using a MeshPart, I’m getting this:

Already checked the face orientation:

Could anyone download the samples above and tell me what’s wrong?

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Same thing occurs with my meshes at 50% of time. I can’t report this bug due to my rank Member. The only solution, that may work - invert that wrong verticles, but roblox can ruin them too.

Does the double sided property in Roblox Studio fix the missing faces? That usually does it for me.
I understand it’s not optimal, but it is a quick solution that might work.

The mesh itself has tons of topology and general vertex issues as to why the mesh looks the way it does in Roblox Studio. Here’s a video of me moving around some vertexes to show what I mean:

Edit 2:
I’ve fixed the vertex issues and got it working in studio.
test.obj (21.0 KB)


turn double sided on. or remove any un-needed face or vert. Or just remake the whole mesh.