Studio: Quality of Life Updates

May you extend this for same-entity permissions? I want to specifically be able to grant play permissions to another group on a group-owned game.

This will allow me to set up a private community where players must be in the main group or an affiliate group in order to play, as well as to make my games private access but grant access to Roblox’s QA team over using a script to kick or having QA join my group in order to have play access.


Idea for another QoL change: In the boxes that require a Color3 value, typing in any one number sets it to 3 of that number.

E.g typing in 88 would fill it with a Color3 value of 88,88,88, 222 would give 222,222,222 etc.

I believe this would save a lot of time for me and many others, the seconds add up to minutes and the minutes add up to hours after all!


Looks like a flag has been flipped that is causing a lot of issues with typings, probably related to this update, and I really can’t get any programming work done until it gets reverted Newest Update has Luau Typings that are Absolutely Terrible and Regressive

Nevermind, the issue is solved

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I’m a Terrain Artist and this is SO annoying. Please make it so this setting can be enabled/disabled.


We added Plane Lock to the add tool on March 2, 2021 :slight_smile:

We have some ideas we’ll be working on soon to make it easier to control the plane you’re locking, too, which I believe will address your need to edit terrain in various directions. It will work with all the tools, too.


@ Scrizeebe @ bencool2112 @ Spagetti_07 PeZsmistic YouAutocompleteMe @ M_caw

Thanks for your feedback. We will create an option to control terrain tools interacting with non-terrain items. This looks like a case where the 50% of people that disliked the old behavior complained loudly but the 50% people who preferred it said nothing so the feedback was biased :slight_smile: It’s a perfect example of when you need an option.


Are you referring to the issue where lots of unions prevents a publish? If so, we’ll be working on this very soon.


Thank you so much! So glad this got fixed up :slight_smile:


These are some great features, and I am glad Studio is constantly advancing to make our lives better. To avoid clogging this post, I went ahead and submitted my suggestion for a huge quality of life update in Studio Requests. I hope that you will take my idea into consideration. Link

did the qaulity of life improvements involve making so when i click on something the menu i had open shuts off? it makes it realy hard to work please fix and quite breaking stuff

“You can now give Play permissions to Groups on your user-owned game. You can also give Play permissions to Users on group-owned games.”

But that is not always the case. I have had 2 people not show up in the search bar, after typing in the full name with the correct spelling, caps, etc. The only players that appear are the ones that are CLOSE, but not CLOSE ENOUGH in spelling, numbers, etc. They either have other letters, numbers next to their username, but not the original username that I’ve written in the search bar.

Why is that? I have checked with those people, if they’ve enabled some settings that they may have turned off by accident, but no, nothing comes up out of the ordinary. And it frustrated me, as I can’t invite them over to my place to either test play or have permissions to develop.

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Please make it so you don’t need to rejoin the game after someone makes a union in studio to see it. (If that isn’t fixed already with meshes)

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When will you enable smooth scrolling inside the explorer and the beta features tab?

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This will be very helpful for teams. Great addition to our quality of life.

The align tool should let you align parts near each other instead of making them go inside one another too similar to the resize align plugin…

Add the ability to pin things in the game explorer so we can better organize things… for example: image

I want to have the “Main Island” instance at the top of the list and the “Second Island” instance right under it instead of having them appear in random positions… The pinned items should let you customize in how they appear, for example you could maybe pin an instance and give it some bold text with a different color or just simply appear a position you wish it to be in.


Can you give me a way to reproduce this? I haven’t heard of this issue before.


(Also from another thread, it seems this affects a number of people, but the only bug I’m aware of is an issue upon publishing. We have some great improvements to CSG coming, and we want to ensure these core issues are addressed!)


The trick that I see devs usually use is to prepend an underscore to the name of some of the folders to make them display first in the list. Only works if your scripts aren’t sensitive to the name but it may be helpful if you need a workaround.



Currently when inserting parts in studio either through the part insert menu in the image above or by clicking on the plus icon on an object in the explorer widget the part you inserted isn’t anchored by default which is annoying. Would it be possible to make it so that when you insert parts through either of these methods the part inserted is automatically anchored?

I tend to use a lot more anchored parts than unanchored parts so most of the parts I insert I have to anchor manually. Also, having inserted parts unanchored by default may confuse new developers because unanchored parts could fall over.