Studio: Quality of Life Updates

Hello Developers!

On the Studio team, we are continuously improving the product, fixing bugs and adding capabilities. This is a follow up for the previous post about fixes that improve quality of life.

Your feedback has led to improvements! We’ve recently shipped the following improvements to Quality of Life:

Team Create

  • In Team Create, after a mesh passes moderation, you no longer have to restart Studio to see it. We’ll be extending this to other asset types soon
  • Team Create now warns you if you try to save / publish over a place that has active collaborators. Previously, Studio will let you overwrite causing issues.

A screenshot showing a warning from Team Create


Recent searches now show up in the Explorer filter bar. Quicker recall!

A screenshot of the Explorer with recent searches displayed


Using Cmd + S to save on a Mac no longer defaults to the root directory which is not accessible.

A screenshot showing save dialogue defaulting to the available Documents folder


You can now give Play permissions to Groups on your user-owned game. You can also give Play permissions to Users on group-owned games.


  • If you have a Terrain region selected, pressing ‘F’ will frame it
  • Terrain tools no longer interact with/are blocked by non-terrain items (parts)
  • Terrain > Edit > Add now has an option to snap to the terrain (Plane Lock)

Quick Open

Quick Open now uses fuzzy search, enabling quick search with inexact queries.

Keep the feedback coming!


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I’m not home at the moment and will test these updates when I get home, however, I’m a bit confused on what this entails. Does terrain not interact with anything other than terrain, period? Meaning:

How do I start adding terrain without already having existing terrain, if the brushes cannot interact with parts? Must I use the replace tool to start making terrain? I do not like this change, I’d much rather have a toggle-able option to enable interactions with parts.

I’m not sure if I’m misinterpreting the change and will head into studio to develop in a few hours if I don’t get a staff response- but from what I see right now I don’t see how this is particularly helpful in most instances… again, creating terrain inside of transparent parts or something may be easier but I’d much rather have options.

Afaik the Add tool has always had this option to snap, and the ability to turn this off is wonderful. It will be so more useful to me if I can add terrain in directions other than cardinally or at a 45 degrees angle, acting like a faster and more powerful grow tool. Love this.

One suggestion: Can you extend this new feature to tools like the Subtract tool? That tool too could use turning off snapping, as shaving off parts of terrain will get much easier with this.

To re-iterate, I’d like:

  • The option to have terrain interact with parts instead of it being always off, and,
  • Having snap options be applied to tools beyond the Add tool.

Thank you.


Can we get a setting to disable the Whats New button, the code is there as it’s disabled through an FFlag on Chinese Roblox, I dont think it would be that difficult to add an extra condition to handle the Studio Setting.

settings().Studio["Hide Whats New Button"] = true

Other than that, the quality of life updates (especially the fuzzy search) is amazing.


What does ‘framing’ mean? Someone please help explain this to me.


Cool changes overall, however, I do have a question regarding the team create warning.

How does this warning work with team tests? A published game will save automatically once someone joins a team test. Does it simply override the warning in that instance?


I’ve tested this, it sounds like exactly what it says.
If you have floating parts, to put terrain on them you have to paint a big column into the sky to reach it, and then erase the column later.
It’s terrible.

  • Terrain tools no longer interact with/are blocked by non-terrain items (parts)

Please make this a setting we can enable or disable, I thought it was a bug when I first experienced it.


Happy to see more improvements. Quality of life is something Studio severely lacks. Death by a thousand cuts, etc.

This is the opposite of quality of life to me. I use Terrain in my game exclusively for water, so I need the tools to interact with parts.


A nice quality of life feature I’d like us to have is to show what parameters are needed for a function that’s in a module. You can read more about it here:


I assume it means zooming it into view, similar to how if you press ‘F’ with a model/part selected it will zoom your camera to it, bringing it into the frame. If not, it seems a strange keybind to use for whatever it actually does, seeing as the F key is already used to zoom to parts/models.


Explorer saving recent search terms and Quick Open having fuzzy search is big. I typically work in a Rojo-VSCode environment and don’t always have what I’m actively working on visible in the Explorer.


This is alot of updates in a short timespan. Some of the different updates to the script editor recently have been making the script editor more akin to the likes of different industry standard IDE’s but still has a long way to go, but it has also come a long way from where it started.

This is going to be really nice to not have to restart meshes in team create. This is especially nice when you are working with a team member or something and you need to make many different adjustments to a mesh and re-export this is going to save loads of time and frustration.

But the real question is can we expect to see quality of life updates coming to the forums??


Thank you! The search history will definitely come in useful and the team create update has been needed for a long time (I don’t think Roblox should allow a team create game and a non team create version of that same game running at the same time anyways)

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This is cool and all, but like most here, I have mixed feelings about the tuff above. Maybe a toggle feature to make it so we can enable it when we want, but for the most part, this is a un-wanted feature.


Honestly, I’m not super happy about this. I’m not saying this is a bad feature, but it should be able to be turned on or off, in a similar fashion to anchoring.


want my opinion?

this is bad. I mean someone might find SOME good use out of it but not me.
I mean like this doesn’t even make sense as a quality of life improvement because it just makes things more complicated.
You know what a good quality of life improvement would be? Being able to manually rotate the plane lock so you don’t have to look at it from a certain angle like geez.


Finally I can test my game without needing it to open to the public, thanks

What’s the keybind for this on Windows? I’m assuming it’s Cmd + Space (the quick search thing) on Mac, but is it something like Control + Space, or is it something else?


I think it is the same as it is with parts pressing F will zoom to the selection.


Being able to see meshes as soon as possible is going to be a game changer! I appreciate these updates as it relates to my regular Windows development…

As for OSX development, I’m not sure why you’re bothering with these quality of life updates when Roblox Studio is still almost completely unusable on OSX due to an issue with the old version of Qt that roblox studio uses. The performance is unbearable to the point that I just can’t use my (latest and greatest) apple device for roblox development.

Shouldn’t updating this Qt version on OSX be a #1 priority? And what’s in the way of updating this version anyways? I was lucky to be sent a build Roblox Studio a few months ago that uses the updated Qt version, and studio runs buttery smooth in that build. Why is it taking so long to release the build? My school’s summer semester is coming up, and being able to use my mac laptop for roblox studio would be super helpful.

Right now you simply can’t use Roblox Studio on mac devices, which is why it seems kind of ironic that this post has screenshots on a mac device. Mac developers shouldn’t be second class citizens.

If it’s in the works, I appreciate it, just kinda eager to be able to use Roblox Studio on the go.


This has sadly been in-effect for weeks. I think months. This had greatly hindered my ability to work with terrain to where I stopped using it out of frustration.

I wanted to put terrain higher than the minimum height in a game, but I could not use parts to do it. There was no information about this back then, and it’s extremely disappointing for this to be told much later, when I spent well over 2 hours to put terrain in the sky, and failed.