Studio Radio - Listen to Roblox audios while working in Studio

Audio Privacy Note

Because of the recent changes to audio privacy, this plugin no longer works as intended, this plugin won’t recieve any new updates.

You can still play audio which you have permission to, but you cannot play private audio, making this plugin really useless now.

Quick Look

Studio Radio is like a mini mp3 player, but for Roblox Studio! It shouldn’t bring much attention to itself while you work in Studio and it shouldn’t take up much space.
Currently, it supports loading only one Audio at a time, but I plan on adding a “Playlist” feature.
It can be used to listen to some music while you work, or it can be used to test audio for your game.

image image

Installing the Plugin

To get this plugin to work, you will have to install it first!

However, when you load it up in Studio, Script Injection Permissions will be requested. For the plugin to work as intended, Script Injection Permissions must be enabled.

Plugin Source Code

If you do not trust this plugin 100%, you can check its source code by typing this in the Command Bar.
(You need to get the Plugin on Roblox before you can view its source code!)
game:GetObjects("rbxassetid://7157613522")[1].Parent = game

(Please don’t reupload the original plugin, if you want, you can modify it and then publish the modified plugin, but do not make that modified version cost Robux, make it free! Also, please don’t reupload this plugin with malicious code in it!)

Script Injection Permission Note

Before giving this plugin Script Injection Permissions, please check that the installed plugin is the original plugin made by ME! (@MatkeFTW)
Please click on the creator link to fully confirm if it was me who made that plugin! People can create Roblox Groups named similarly to Developer’s names so that they can trick the user into thinking that the Plugin is the original!
If you allow Script Injection Permissions on a malicious reuploaded plugin, other people will have full access to your game! (If they put a malicious code in the reuploaded plugin!)

Setting up Shortcuts

If you want, you can set up plugin shortcuts in the Customize Shortcuts... menu.

To check all the available shortcut options go to FILE > Advanced > Customize Shortcuts...

You can filter out Studio Radio shortcuts by typing Studio Radio in Search Actions textbox.


Errors Explained

Because the plugin is designed not to take up a lot of space, I couldn’t make the error messages too long. Here are some explanations of errors that you will see in the plugin.

"Studio volume is muted!"

This error appears when you try to play the audio, but your studio master volume is muted!

To fix this, you will have to click image [Play] to enter your game, after that, you will need to press ESC and then you need to adjust the volume.

"Enter a valid Asset Id."

This error appears when you try to load in a new Audio, but you messed up the Audio Asset Id.

Currently, the search bar doesn’t support full links like rbxassetid://12222242, and You just need to enter the Asset Id of the Audio, which would be 12222242 in this case.
(Better search autocomplete is planned for a future update!)

"Audio unavailable."

For some reason, the audio that you want to load is not available.

The audio either failed to load in, it might be banned [Content Deleted] or doesn’t exist.

"This Asset Id is not an audio."

The Asset Id that you provided is not an audio.

"Asset Validation Error."

This error appears when MarketplaceService is unable to send over the required audio info (Name of the Audio and the Audio Uploader’s name).
This error also might appear when MarketplaceService is unable to verify that the Asset Id that you provided is an Audio.

When you revoke Script Injection Permissions from this plugin, this error will appear often.

"Audio is still loading..."

This message appears when the Audio is still loading.

However, if the audio never loads, then something went wrong.
(The audio could be banned [Content Deleted], or maybe it just failed to load in properly.)

"Audio unavailable. (Copyright)"

This error appears when the Audio that you requested has been blocked due to copyright violations.

A special setting will be added in the future to ignore this error. Because Roblox doesn’t provide any ways to detect copyrighted audios, I made the plugin detect the name of the audio.
If somebody renames their audio to (Removed for copyright), the plugin will detect that audio as a copyright blocked audio.

"Currently not available!"

This feature is still in the works! (The settings menu / three dots button)

Volume Problems

If you are having issues with your Studio volume, here are some solutions to some problems!

Audio cuts out when I tab out of Studio!

To fix this issue, you will have to change a studio setting!

Go to: FILE > Studio Settings > Studio > Audio (Dropdown) > Only Play Audio from Window in Focus
Set that setting to False!

If needed, reset your Studio to apply the settings.

"Studio volume is muted!"

This error appears when you try to play the audio, but your studio master volume is muted!

To fix this, you will have to click image [Play] to enter your game, after that, you will need to press ESC and then you need to adjust the volume.


Imo it would probably be better to use spotify or youtube since you have access to way more songs, but its good for people who want a way to play music and not have to switch to a different app a lot.


Very unique plugin and it looks well made!
However, why to listen to roblox songs if you can listen to real songs on YouTube Spotify, etc.?

Some things I like:

  • Again. really unique, never saw something like this before
  • Very good and clean UI
  • No overcomplicated things
  • Ability to quickly add songs

And some ideas you could add :wink:

  • You could make some example songs so people can try it out faster!
  • Ability to add more audios at one (if you select more audios, you can add all of them with one click)
  • Ability to change speed of songs (I know it’s planned, but I think it would be better to not be in the settings page)
  • Ability to view every audio that I’ve added

Thats it! I hope this plugin will do well!


Edit: I can’t remove songs, you should add a remove feature!


People with a single monitor would probably find this most useful. Though even if I don’t put spotify on my second monitor I don’t find myself going back to it that often but when I do alt tab is pretty efficient.



Thanks for the feedback, appreciate it! I probably will add some of these suggestion onto the update list.
(If something isn’t on the “Planned Updates” list, that doesn’t mean that I am not going to make it!)

Hmmm, yeah that’s a good idea! However, I am not sure if that can get me in some trouble, I don’t know if I could receive a punishment for lets say, putting a copyrighted audio (as an example audio) in the plugin.

I had that planned, that will probably come when I finish the Playlists feature!

Uhhh, well I originally designed the plugin to take as little space as possible, I am not sure if adding one more button will be possible, however, I maybe could do some sort of a dropdown menu when the more button is clicked. Will consider that.

I might do this, but the thing is, lets say you put on Song1, played it, and then you put on Song2, Song1 no longer exists in your place. The plugin doesn’t save songs that you previously put there. I could maybe add a Session History tab, which shows you, lets say, your 15 last songs in the current session.
If you want to exit the plugin, you can just pause the audio, and click the toolbar button (to hide it), in the future I plan on adding a setting where you can choose if the plugin opens automatically when you enter a new game.

Songs don’t save, if you are looking to quit the plugin, just pause the song and click the toolbar button.

Anyways, thanks for the feedback! :happy3:

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im sorry to bump, but i wanna ask, with our current limitations of playing audio with plugins, HOW DID YOU MANAGE TO STOP, CHANGE LENGTH of the audio?

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I like the idea, only if this could be a control panel for youtube or something, so you would not have to swap tabs.

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In order to play the audio, I just put a Sound inside a frame, which is parented to a DockWidgetPluginGui once the plugin starts up. (You could use SoundService:PlayLocalSound() if you wanted to play a sound without having an option to stop it or change its TimePosition.)

To stop the audio I just used Sound:Pause()

I don’t quite understand what you meant by changing the length of the audio.


Thank you. You saved my plugin and another guy’s plugin, I thought the exact same thing after looking at your source

And what I meant is that you can change the duration of the audio

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Just a little note about the new upcoming change that Roblox is rolling out. If you don’t know what’s happening, you can read more on the audio change above.

At the time of me writing this, I am not sure if private audios could be loaded in plugins after the change, but if;

  • … private audio clips CAN be loaded and played in plugins, the plugin will remain as it is, no special changes will be made.

  • … private audio clips CANNOT be loaded and played in plugins, the plugin will be updated to support local audio assets (you can import local audio assets with the Local Asset Manager plugin for example) or if that doesn’t work out, the plugin might be put off-sale.

This just seems sort of useless in my opinion. I mean, you could just play Spotify or YouTube on your phone while in studio.

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