Studio still closes for updates. It's still frustrating

Today I lost the microprofiler info I have been looking for while hunting down some bugs. Not because of any actions I did with that data but because I made the mistake of thinking opening a new studio window to isolate a test was going to be fine on an update day. I’ll be spending the rest of my day hopefully trying to repro that situation again and drilling “pause and dump the MP” into my muscle memory for the foreseeable future.

This time I reacted quick enough to hit the “Cancel” button on the “Shutting down Roblox Studio” window only to have the updater window go away and then have my studio window freeze up and never responded again. Despite there being 2 cancel buttons during this shutdown process neither of them work and once it’s start everything you had open will be gone with no recovery opportunity.

This is consistently a problem week after week. This is a broken UX problem, and potentially even a functionality broken problem (the cancel buttons don’t cancel anything). There is nothing developer friendly about closing our studio windows for updates, please let us close for updates manually.


There is a beta feature that partially stops this from happening, but it only applies under very specific launch conditions. Please see this feature request:

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Still happening to this day. How many times have they “fixed” this problem?


Really awesome.

Note : it warned for the Baseplate I literally just opened but closed me out of 30 minutes of unsaved scripting work without notice. Really has it’s priorities straight doesn’t it.

Note 2 : Not much of a warning if you consider the only option is “shut down now”. Why can’t I just save my work first and then shut down for the update? Why update at all? Why does it force me out of studio just because I needed to open up a baseplate to test something?


This just happened to me and I would have lost a lot of work if I wasn’t careful.

I was in Teamcreate and I don’t recall any warnings showing up, Studio just vanished.

It is truly sad and shameful, I feel terrible for those who lost their work due to this lack of User Experience consideration.

Please treat our work and time more seriously, it’s been a while since this Feature request has been made.

Multiple times for the past 3 days now studio has updated and every studio window I have open closes.

As a developer I should not have to scramble to save everything I have open once “Studio shutting down” starts going just so studio can update happen and I can re open all my places again. It’s especially infuriating if I have to do this multiple times a day.

Last night we did a test for our game. What should have been a 5 minute content sync up between team creates that were already open and one final publish turned into a 20 minute job because studio shut down to update two times in a row and I had to spend most of that time reconnecting to team creates and publishing and reopening place files to team creates.

This is not good user experience. Please just don’t let me open new studio windows if an update is available. Stop closing my studio windows.


This might be potentially related to your issue

There bug update:

I’ve recently been getting more frustrated with this aspect of Roblox development. I’m both surprised and disappointed to find that this has been an issue for so long and has been a devforum topic for almost 2 years and it hasn’t been changed or addressed in any way.


How is this still an issue? I tried opening a local file from the downloads bar in google chrome and all of my studio sessions just automatically closed without any warning or prompt, very frustrating!


This is still happening as of March 2022. It is most definitely not fixed.

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Opening a different place just to find out studio wanted to update and forced a shutdown on the place I was working on is ridiculously annoying. It’s happened for a long time now and I’m very much surprised that this hasn’t been fixed yet. Completely unacceptable


This just happened to me. The new safe system isn’t fully working it seems… Devs please look into this. Its extremely frustrating.

AFAIK Roblox doesn’t update Studio this early in the week. Your issue was likely different.

It was an update. That isn’t something you can simply mistake for something else.

Just got another one. It didn’t force shutdown this time though.

We decided to close this thread because the issue was fixed a while ago, and replying in the thread with new issues/reports isn’t the best way to have our attention on them, also an inefficient way for us to keep track of the reports!

Therefore, for new bugs/issues, please post a new bug report with the required amount of information, so we can look into!