Studio still closes for updates. It's still frustrating

Frequently have had this happen when cross referencing two or more places, even today. This occurrence breaks my flow and wastes a lot of my time. I’m generally on a tight schedule, forcing updates like this puts what I set out to do on certain days out of balance. I lose debug information in the output window, certain selected items in workspace, losing code in Team Create when cross referencing, and ultimately time.

An option to postpone an update for 24 - 48 hours from update publication would be really appreciated.


Happened to me today when I clicked Start Server ( I had left studio on all night and guess I needed to update since I was a day late )
Funnily enough the development studio window closed, but my two clients and server studio windows opened, but didnt connect.

luckily Im using rojo and didnt lose any work, but was slightly inconvenienced.


I’m sorry but I simply do not care about updates enough to ever be happy having them forced upon me. Do not force me to update. If I care about an update I will either click “Yes I want to update” or actually restart studio and let it update myself. Studio does not need to be this forceful with updating and I know that because I actively prevent my studio from updating, it works fine.

My particular workflow allows me to keep an instance of studio open for weeks at a time (possibly because of Rojo making my workflow more stable) which prevents studio checking for updates. I quite happily use a version of studio which is outdated by multiple versions. This has never caused me any issues and I honestly don’t see how it would.

I already have to deal with windows forcibly restarting my pc to update, why does studio also have to take part in this behaviour? What so significantly changes between studio instances that I have to update? Why do I have to update my week old studio instance when I can happily use a FiB build that is over a year old?

Just give us an option in studio to enable asking us if we want to update when an update is available instead of automatically doing it. If studio tries to do something it absolutely has to update to do, tell us that and ask politely again. I get you want everyone to be as up to date as possible but some of us know what we are doing and understand the risks of using outdated/unsupported versions. Let us do so. Remember this is developing with studio, not the client trying to join a live server.

I have literally never had a problem when studio didn’t update. I have had multiple issues and frustrations when studio forcibly updates.

Edit: To be clear I understand you are trying to make this better and it isn’t easy to change things quickly so I appreciate this being looked into, it has just been very frustrating in the past.


I’m in the middle of changing dozens of scripts and this is the most frustrating thing:

I opened this window just a few hours ago, and if my studio window closes then I lose my entire undo history in the scripts I’m currently refactoring. I use save-as multiple times per day so I never lose work, but I still need to be able to undo/view the changes I’m currently testing!

I’m usually pretty reserved, and I understand the need to keep studio up-to-date to ensure that team-create runs smoothly, but I don’t use team-create for my current project, and force-closing my IDE in the middle of the work day leads to an extremely poor developer experience. It doesn’t help that a handful of studio updates disrupt my workflow, for example copy/paste broke for me for a few hours after the update last week, and automatic script tabbing straight-up breaks when you have keywords in comments or strings.


Loss of edit history/losing my place in my workflow is super annoying

Also very annoying: If you’re in a “offline” studio session (not published place) it will at least prompt you to Save, Exit, or Cancel, although all three buttons seem to do the same thing in my experience: Close the window immediately without saving anything. No mention of file name or location, nothing. And then I go to check autosaves and recentsaves, and the most recent file in either of those directories is SIX DAYS AGO. That’s over 40 hours of work since the last non-manual save.


This Wednesday I did lose work. I’m fortunate enough to have not lost much this time.

I was definitely prompted that I had unsaved work:

But to my discovery the place being referenced by that dialog had closed out anyway:

It’s currently 10:58 PM on the 30th and I’m trying to get my game prepped and ready for an update for tonight. I have my local file version of my game open (MK in the dialog above) and 2 team creates my co workers use for asset work.

All I wanted to do was try and open a new studio window so I could look up some information and answer a coworkers question. Instead of being able to do that I had all my studio windows close and I was given a dialog that warned me about unsaved work on a place that had already closed down. I was not greeted with an autosave recovery window when I rebooted studio.


I’ve had it automatically close windows that were recently “saved” and lost valuable undo history :frowning:


This happens to me every week and it’s extremely disruptive. I’ve not lost work as I save compulsively, but I do lose undo history. Having every instance of studio close at once without any confirmation on my part is very jarring.


Can relate to this. Sometimes I need to switch between my animation studio place and main game. Studio forces me out and I lose undo history in that case. On the surface, it doesn’t seem that bad, but it could potentially make people lose a lot of progress.

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This is extremely ridiculeous. I didn’t know about this “feature” until my Studio decided to close on me in the middle of scrpting a new feature (closing 3 studio windows without ever consulting me).

This is especially problematic when it takes about 5 attempts for the Studio update to actually succeed.

Small quality of user experience problems like this are widespread on Roblox, and they are the most salient factor that is driving me towards other game platforms/engines going forward. I am not going to waste my time dealing with minor but extremely annoying issues like this on a regular basis.

Fortunately, I did not lose any significant amount of work, but it sounds like I’m one of the lucky ones.


We have identified a quick solution for this problem. Due to it being end of year and we are at code freeze (with 1 update left), we will be shipping this early next year. Thank you for the replies, and keep them coming.


I ignored the update this morning because I was working on something important. Now it’s opening dozens of new studio instances that it had queued up:

I should just take Wednesdays off :neutral_face:


We have just shipped a beta feature that allows you to try out new update behavior which should hopefully address most of the grievances posted here.

This is a multipart change that currently only has any effect on Windows. When we finish support for Mac, it will be available through the same beta feature. If you’re on Mac, you can go ahead and enable the beta feature if you want to automatically opt-in to the feature once it’s live on Mac.

The exact breakdown between the new / old behavior is:


When a new Studio instance is opened and an update is available, Studio immediately begins to update. The new instance never finishes opening, preventing you from opening any new instances (test servers, other places in the game, etc) until Studio is updated, and the updater attempts to close all places to update Studio. (Because of a bug with the updater, sometimes it would force-kill Studio instead of prompting the user to close all places. Team Create instances would always immediately shut down)

If you did not update Studio for 22 hours after an update became available, the updater would automatically pop up and update Studio, even if you were in a fullscreen game.


Studio will only ever automatically update if it is being launched for the first time with no existing instances opened, as it is the only point in which we can shut down for update without losing work. If you open a Studio instance while an update is available now, we will honor your request to open that instance, prompting you with a cancellable dialog asking if you want to shut down & update, instead of preventing the new instance from being opened. If you leave Studio open for 48 hours after an update becomes available, you will receive the same cancellable dialog. It will only pop up if you are using that instance of Studio (so never while you’re using a fullscreen game, browsing the internet, etc). You will never receive this dialog when opening test servers / detatched play solo.

If you cancel the dialog, however, it will continue to pop up once an hour from then on. If the dialog is excessively annoying, please provide feedback so we can continue to look into the issue. The recurring dialog allowed us to release these changes sooner rather than later since it’s annoying enough that we didn’t have to investigate the impact of an excessive increase in old versions, but we are open to changing it. Even with the spammy dialog though, the new behavior should be all-around better (you can actually use Studio longer than 22 hours / opening a new instance now)

NOTE: This change only applies to Studio. If you launch Studio via RobloxStudioBetaLauncher.exe (what usually gets pinned to the start menu / taskbar / desktop), it will still try to forcefully shut down all instances to update. If you are opening from Studio (e.g. test server, Game Explorer, File > Open From Roblox) you’re fine, but otherwise use RobloxStudioBeta.exe or switch to Studio and File > Open From Roblox.


The beta feature is great but most of the time I’m opening places from the launcher, not from a specific file. 99% of the time the beta feature does nothing to prevent the shutdown issue. It is still a huge problem.

Today I was working and needed to open a TC to get some items. I clicked the studio launcher and was shown the “Shutting down Roblox Studio” followed by:

A window that doesn’t tell me an update is available, just that my places need to close and I may lose work that isn’t saved. So I go to get my place ready to save only to find:

(my place no longer accessible)

Today I did lose work that wasn’t saved and I had no way to actually go about saving it other than trusting a dialog with that task. I lost the ability to clean up my place into a savable state and lost all of my undo history for all the changes I was making.

All because I wanted to get a model from a team create.

This is still a huge issue that occurs every update day. The beta feature helps alleviate a tiny amount of friction in the update process but at the end of the day but it is far from solving the main issue.

I just want to be told “An update is available, please close all your open studio windows” when I try and open a new window. Show me banner notifications in studio if I’m using an outdated version.

Just let me close down and update when I’m ready, stop closing my studio windows.


After trying out the beta feature for Safe Studio Update for two weeks, I can safely say that it does not resolve the issues I have with Studio’s automatic updates.

The issue described here still occurs regardless of the beta build. The bottom-line for me is that if I am working I do not want my currently open places to close without prompting me. Ever. Period.


Once again, thank you for the continued feedback everyone. We are designing improved workflows for this. Keep it coming!

This is still a very annoying UX issue. Opening studio via the launcher application is a death sentence for any open studio window. Yes I have the beta enabled, it does not help with this problem.

The updating and shutdown process stalls here:

but it’s a totally useless prompt since my studio windows are now just:

Please stop closing all my studio windows. Just block new ones from opening and prompt a dialog box that says “A new version of studio is available, please close all studio windows and try again”.

Saved or not there is nothing friendly about auto shutting down studio windows for updates. Trying to open a new window should never result in all of my windows closing.


My studio just shut itself down mid-development for an update. The unsaved files asked me to save, but why in the world would you shut down stuff I’m actively working on for an update? Numerous studios just ended themselves out of the blue for a studio update. I didn’t even open anything to prompt this update.


I can vouch that this is still an ongoing issue, and is very disruptive to my own development workflow-- a sudden closing of all my studio tabs is annoying and counter-productive.


I clicked the the studio launcher so I could open up a team create place. I was greeted with:

As soon as the launcher opened, my place froze and I was shown “Shutting down Roblox Studio”.

Once the shutting down window went away I was greeted with:

I had no chance to save anything. I had no chance to recovery anything. The “Shutting down” window (if it even shows up at all) passes by so fast that by the time you realize what’s happening it’s probably to late to click Cancel.

“OK” and “Cancel” are functionally the same action since the place is already gone by the time the prompt shows up. The entire process is still incredibly frustrating.

Please just block the studio launcher from opening new windows. Stop closing studio windows for updates.