Studio Toolbox Using Paste on V key


Trying to type Ocean Waves

So basically this only happens in toolbox, I pressed the v key in other parts of studio and they all type fine. When I go and copy text though and press the v key, not including ctrl, it will still paste the text.

Typing 'v' in tool box pastes whatever is copied to your clipboard

I am having this bug too. It’s extremely frustrating to now have this happen to me, on top of the other glitches the toolbox is experiencing. I literally have to now copy/paste something into the toolbox that has the letter “v” in it to search for anything. Not that that would have been a problem if I could have seen the model I was looking for in my inventory.


I’ve been having this issue too, and recently it seems to be happening most, if not all of the time.


my partner was having this issue the other day. he had his ip address copied to his clipboard, and it was popping up in the toolbox search box every time he pressed v. I just smashed his left and right ctrl buttons a few times with the search box selected that fixed the issue, and he’s not had it since; but it’s rather inconvenient nonetheless.


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This isn’t just exclusive the toolbox. Even the plugins I use experience experience this issue. Currently looking for a repo.


Still looking for a fix, studio acts like I’m always holding down ctrl.