Studio windows on 2nd screen saving in different position off edge of screen

They are referring to this:

I’m not sure if this will work in your case.

and @SubtotalAnt8185 I’ve tried other keys, and just tried the ; key, but nothing changes the windows’ positions.


Odd, Idk why it worked for me, I literally didn’t do anything else.

Thanks for the report! We’ll follow up when we have an update for you.


I’ve been encountering an issue where the entire game is in a different tab, and it cannot be dragged elsewhere.

Refer to this post:
“Modern Studio” (new docking behavior) has various issues - Bug Reports / Studio Bugs - DevForum | Roblox
I’ve told people to delete the registry key to reset their layout when they have this issue, but it doesn’t appear to work in that case.

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This is still happening to me consistently as well. Exact behavior as mentioned above.

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@ElephantMesh as well.
We still have this issue going on.
It happens every time I open Studio for a new session after closing out all Studio sessions.
As a workaround I’ve decreased the sizes of the 3 offending windows and when I start Studio I just manually move them back to the spot I want. I park them away from the top edge of the screen so I can ‘easily’ drag them back after they reset higher up.

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Thank you - we are aware of this one but have not had time to get back to it due to other issues surrounding the docking system. Will post here once we have an update.


Still experiencing this issue for months now. It’s become almost a habit of having to drag the windows back down considering I open multiple studio instances everyday. Anything new would be greatly appreciated and apologies in advance for the bump.

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I was just going to report this still happening tonight as well.
Looks like @EpicFaceGuy050 beat me to it.

Same issue as before:
Terrain, Toolbox windows stay stationary.
Properties, Explorer and Output move up and slightly left each time Studio is opened.

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Any word on this? It’s been 7 months.

Every time I open studio I have to move these windows.
It means I can’t have the windows the full height of my screen otherwise the tops disappear and I can’t move them.

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@music_man1996 any word on this? I see you’ve closed out the other post from Sept. '22 but this one is still occurring for me.

@ElephantMesh you mentioned knowing about this in February but nothing since.

Another bit of information to add (probably insignificant), I replaced my tower months ago and have uninstalled/reinstalled Roblox and Studio so I know it’s not on my end.

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I think it’s, because of the bar…

If you can see in this picture, it can be seen, that it’s in the same position as the bar

If you can see in this picture, the windows moved above the bar.

After showing these pictures, I suggest resizing the windows to the level of the bar.

Do you mean the slider bar at the bottom of the Explorer window?
If that is the case then why do the Properties and Output window move too?

Every time I open Studio all 3 windows move up that much. When it’s opened the second time if it was the slider bar causing the height issue then I would expect that it wouldn’t keep moving up once it’s above the bottom 10 mm of the screen.

The same reason as I said before.
They are on the level as the start bar (or how it’s called in English), so every time the studio restarts, they move up.

I mean this:

I get what you mean.
The reason I don’t believe that’s the issue is I’ve resized both the Explorer and Properties windows so there’s about 30 mm of space between the top of the screen and the top of each window. If I don’t move the windows each time I open Studio and allow them to keep moving up the entire top edges of the windows move above the top edge of my screen and the bottom of each window is 30 mm above the bottom edge of my second screen.
This is way above the Task Bar at the bottom of the other screen.
Also until December of last year this never happened.

Weird, but did you updated your computer in December '22?

Just Roblox updates and standard Windows updates.
Got a new computer at the end of March. Problem still happens.

@thirdtakeonit replied that they’d look into it, and ElephantMesh’s post in Feb. says they are aware of the issue, so I was just trying to get an update of any plans for fixing it.

Now I can’t help you further, because I have only one monitor.