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The Problem
Hi there! I want to make a live board that can see how many subscribers a YouTuber does have and set goals for it. So for example: When the YouTube channel hits 100K subs there will be a update, I only want to know if this’s not against the rules at Roblox and if it’s not how I can do it the best way.

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You can use HttpService to connect with YouTube API to get the number of subscribers. This might help


Sorry for the late reaction, it toke me a while to figure it out, I only have a new problem right now. When I try the code I get the error “HTTP 403 (Forbidden)”. How do I fix this?

This’ my code:

local httpService = game:GetService("HttpService")
local youtubeId = "id"
while wait(5) do
    local youtubeLink = httpService:GetAsync(""..youtubeId.."&key=AIzaSyD8Mru34qlgyVISGybnidJkqjwr-fzxlsQ")
    local dataFromLink = httpService:JSONDecode(youtubeLink)
    local subscribers = dataFromLink.items[1].statistics.subscriberCount
    script.Parent.Subs.Text = subscribers


I hope someone can help me out, thanks!

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Hmm, do you have HttpService enabled? Go to settings and enable it.


Yes, I do’ve HttpService enabled.

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That lag don’t need to be there and that request error was in Roblox Studio, when I go into the real place I am getting this error:

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If you go to the website, you will find this:

 "error": {
  "errors": [
    "domain": "usageLimits",
    "reason": "dailyLimitExceededUnreg",
    "message": "Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued use requires signup.",
    "extendedHelp": ""
  "code": 403,
  "message": "Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued use requires signup."

Maybe this is the error:

  "code": 403,
  "message": "Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued use requires signup."

Oh, I will look at it. Thanks for letting me know.

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I looked after it, but I still don’t know why it doesn’t work.

The googleapis website is blocked from being used from Roblox’s HTTPService directly. That is why you are getting the “403 Forbidden” error. Although it is still completely possible to access or any other “forbidden” sites using a proxy.

This thread explains how to set-up a proxy to work with HTTPService on roblox, although it could be hard to wrap your head around it at first, but using a proxy is the only possible way of accessing the api for what you are trying to accomplish.

Hope this answers your question :slight_smile:


Thanks! I will look at see if it works!

Yeah, but are requests 400 and 403 not diffrent from each other?

That is wrong. Google API is not blocked on roblox. If you look at the error message it says pretty clearly.

"message": "Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded. Continued use requires signup."

Aka meaning you have used the API enough and google is now not allowing you to use it anymore.


But I used it 1 minute. Is there a way I can fix it?

He clearly stated that “403 (Forbidden)” is the error he is encountering.

Other than roblox Http 403 error, the google api is also going to be an issue since the api key you are using is beyond its daily limit

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Just to check do you have the YouTube Data API v3 Enabled?

I actually don’t even know, this’ the first time I’m using YouTube API’s.

You just posted your Youtube API key, which means anyone can use your account and potentially create or delete videos without your permission. You should generate a new key and not share it publicly in the future.


Yea you should also delete that key but following on looking up the issue it happens when you don’t have the API activated here is a topic that might help you.

Just a edit you can easily regenerate your key under credentials using the Regenerate Key option.

Hey I’ve been working on a new youtube api and it should do all this work for you.

Simply use the code below:

local api = require(4923450122)

print(api.getSubs("apikey", "UCEvC-HQ7ST5h8iC1IDgVtgw")) -- prints sub amount

If you need any more help just dm me or reply to me