Subscriptions within Experiences: API Expansions

[Update] March 29, 2024

Hi Creators,

We’re excited to announce expansions to our Subscriptions API: Engine API, Open Cloud Subscription API, and Open Cloud Subscriptions Status Change Webhook. These expansions will provide you with more information to help improve how you engage with your subscribers.

Launched last year, subscriptions within experiences offer a potential way to earn from your experience through subscription-based offerings and business models. They also can help you build recurring relationships with your audience, strengthening engagement while benefiting your users.

Engine API

We’re introducing a new Engine API, MarketplaceService:GetUserSubscriptionDetailsAsync. This API provides more details regarding a user’s specific subscription, including fields such as NextRenewTime, ExpireTime and ExpirationDetails. This will allow you to do things such as send reminders to your users that their subscription is expiring soon to help you retain subscribers.

Open Cloud Subscription Status API

Additionally, we’re launching a new Open Cloud API that provides information such as the user’s status, subscription details, whether they are renewing in the next period, and the upcoming renewal timestamp. This means you can now validate your users’ subscription status even if they have not joined your experience in a while.

Open Cloud Subscriptions Status Change Webhook

Lastly, we’re introducing a new webhook integration via Open Cloud, which delivers real-time status changes for your subscriber base so that you can better understand your subscription’s health. Some of these status changes include new subscribers, renewals, refunds, and cancellations.

To learn more about these new APIs, please refer to these docs:

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.



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This is honestly amazing, I can’t wait for more amazing updates.


THANK YOU! This was much needed for my game, and will save me so much more time adding it :slight_smile:


I don’t use subscriptions, but these seem like solid additions! When can we expect to see 17+ year olds not need an ID to buy subscriptions? They don’t need an ID to buy robux, so it would make sense if they could buy subscriptions without an ID as well.


This is cool and all, but it still doesn’t address the major issue in which seemingly has been ignored over and over, which is the fact that ROBLOX takes around a 75% cut of any subscription, which is ridiculous, and it’s no wonder why people are using services like Patreon & Discord, which only take ten.

Can read more about it on this comment I made.


Will there ever be Subsciptions for Groups?

Idea being that instead of just every games having them, they can be on groups so you dont have to create seperate ones for some of your games, or rely on third party sales for other games.


Is there any reason why the engine API was never designed with this in mind? My use-case for this is tags on a leaderboard, I want to have a VIP tag for players who are subscribed but I can’t use the OpenCloud API to acheive this as I would need to use a proxy server to send the request.

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We’ve made an update to our PolicyService::GetPolicyInfoForPlayerAsync API to include information regarding a user’s eligibility to purchase a subscription. This enables you to decide if you want to display or hide your subscription in your experience UI. To use this feature, you can query the IsEligibleToPurchaseSubscription field, which returns true or false. The eligibility criteria is based on the user’s location.

For more information, please refer to our Subscriptions FAQ, where you can review the list of countries where subscriptions are unavailable to be purchased and the Policy Service API on how to use this API.

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback.


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Does this API consider the user’s current device/platform they are playing on or just their eligibility based on their country or age restrictions?