Subterranean Research Base - 1.4

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Welcome to 1.4 - The Maintenance Update/Patch!

The Maintenance Update/Patch has arrived at Subterranean Research Base. Please take time to go over the changes below.

What’s new?

Improved Performance and Stability

Making sure our games run smoothly for everyone is our top priority. 1.4 ushers in a brand new framework that our team has created from the ground up to bring more stability to code, while making it easier for developers to add code, features and fix bugs.

Our team has been working on more performance. 1.4 achieves 80% more performance than Beta 1.3.5 and its predecessor.

With the new framework and performance improvements, expect:

  • Faster loading times.
  • Smoother gameplay with max quality settings*
  • Encountering bugs far less.

Of course, we want to hear from you! If you spot any bugs in game, please report them!

New LPU Chamber

This update features a brand new reactor chamber to go along with the new LPU, Gen II reactor that was introduced in Beta 1.2.

Our new chamber ushers in opportunities for players to participate. From monitoring the reactor, to performing maintenance tasks, it’s more important than ever to ensure our reactor run smoothly to prevent such catastrophic and combustion event to occur.

Maintenance Junction

Goodbye Reactor Bridgeway. With the new Maintenance Junction located at Sector B, we’ve added a new sublevel. The Maintenance Junction is your one stop shop for storing tools for the Light Photon Unit and a much better area for maintenance tasks.

Sector D - Coolant Sector

Introduced in Beta 1.2, this update brings them to life. Turn on coolant pumps to ensure the temperature of the Light Photon Unit is stable.

To distribute coolant, you first need to fill empty coolant tanks (4 of them) then once you have enough coolant, you may turn on the coolant pumps. Do keep in mind, the coolant pumps will turn off automatically if there’s coolant that’s significantly low.

There’s a fuse box dedicated for coolant pumps, work together as a team to ensure the fuse box doesn’t blow, otherwise all coolant pumps functionality will be lost.

Less noteworthy changes

  • Massive UI improvements across the game. Reducing whitespacing, improving core elements, new notification UI and more.
  • If the ZeptoTram isn’t moving, you no longer get killed front/back.

Thank you for playing Subterranean Research Base! Please continue to send feedback about the experience!


  • Performance varies across devices. The test was conducted on a Ryzen 9 3950X machine with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080.