Suddenly received hundreds of thousands of ROBUX through Game Page Revenue Conversion?


Might have received money from a group game? There is no conversion revenue stat in the group revenue tab but you can see it if you go into the dev stats of the game


I don’t own any group games lol, I publish them all to my profile. I have received group payouts before though, but I’m not even in that group anymore. Also checked all groups I have admin in’s revenue, nothing about Game Page Conversion revenue to be found.


Lucky its only 17k for me…


I was about to spend it on ads :upside_down_face:
Good thing I didn’t :upside_down_face:


Even though ads to the right game could create more economic activity for Roblox than if the ad had not been run.


I actually got two messages about it weirdly, only got 3k though.


Luckily I only received 100 R$ from this issue.


I got nothing yet I got the message :man_shrugging:


Turns out this was a good thing


@Nightgaladeld Is there a followup to this?



yeah… My message was a few hours before he posted that.

OP can mark it as solved


Oh whoops didn’t see the time stamp. Got a notification from this thread so I thought you just posted.