Summer 2022 Accelerator Program Opportunity

Are you looking to accelerate the growth of a team or an experience on Roblox? Are you interested in providing direct feedback on the platform? Are you hopeful for direct consultation on game design, production management, or platform best practices? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, the Accelerator Program may be right for you and your team.

The Accelerator Program will provide up to 5 individuals over $13,000 each (plus over $1,000 for technology) to work on a new or existing Roblox Experience full-time for 12 weeks. Roblox can contract your team as a company, or contract each individual of your team.

  • Individuals must be 18 years or older. 2-5 Participants per team. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Technology lump sum is offered one time per individual. Additional program participation will not grant an additional technology lump sum.

During the program, participants will have access to talks, consultation, and round tables on game design, production management, and platform best practices. Participants will gain access to our Virtual DevSpace Discord Channel, where they and our previous program Alumni can converse and collaborate. At the end of the program, each team will present a summary of their experience (on Roblox, and during the program) to the entire Company! You also get a cool virtual hat for participating, and an even cooler one for accomplishing your goals.

Our Summer 2022 Program may have an in-person option. There will 100% be a remote option.

Applications have closed. Thanks to those who applied!

  • Applications close January 31, 2022
  • Applicants will receive an email February 4, 2022 with more information


How does Roblox select which teams participate in the program?

  • Roblox is looking for teams who have completed a public experience on the Platform in the last two years. Roblox likes to see teams who are using the newest platform technologies, and have published games, with years of experience as a game developer.

What can teams expect during the application process?

  • If we accept your team’s application, your team will do a 3-minute pitch for Roblox on Zoom. A template will be provided on the information Roblox would like to see. Roblox will score each pitch* and accept the highest-scoring teams, based on our individual headcount for each class**.

*details on how you are scored is provided to teams who reach this step

**2022 headcount ranges from 40-50 individuals

Why has Roblox not provided a Mingling Thread, similar to previous applications?

  • Roblox is mainly targeting teams who are already working together. Teams who come together specifically for the program tend to fragment afterwards. We recommend self-organizing to find a team you will work with for the long run!

Do I need to attend in person?

  • No. We may host some of our Summer Accelerators in-person, but we’ll have more information for applicants at a later date.

Do I need to be a US citizen to participate?

  • No.

Can I get University credit from this?

  • Many universities will provide credit for this program, but every school is different! You should consult with your university counselors and determine what credit you can receive. Roblox is happy to help with any information / documents you need completed, but it is your responsibility to execute on this.

When do I need to be 18 years old?

  • You’ll need to be 18 years old before the program begins.

I have an up-and-coming studio that I am looking to expand. Can I lead a team, but use the 5 spots for new team members?

  • Yes. We understand that some games may be financially supporting one or few developers, but unable to financially support team expansion. We can work with each team on a case-by-case basis to see how the 5 spots can be best utilized.

I will be in College during the Program. Can I participate in the Accelerator while I am in College?

  • If you are a full-time student, we wouldn’t recommend this. The Accelerator Program is a full-time program that requires participants to attend various meetings between 10am - 6pm PST Monday - Friday. We can work with teams on a case-by-case basis but we will prioritize teams who have the time to commit to their projects.

I submitted an application, but need to make changes. How can I do this?

  • Your most recent form submitted will be the one we use. Just submit a new one!

I have been an Accelerator before! Can I re-apply?

  • You must wait 1 full year before applying again to the Accelerator Program. New individuals are always favored, so we recommend bringing some with you if you do plan on re-applying.

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Best of luck to all those applying! :four_leaf_clover:


Very exciting! Been waiting for this for a long time. Now that I’m old enough and have time off school, I can finally apply for the Accelerator Program! If the in-person option does happen, I hope to see everyone in the Summer! Can’t wait!!! Good luck to everyone else who are also applying!


I have one question in relation to this, if the program ends up being in-person, is there a chance for certain people to remain remote? Asking for those who might be caught in potential travel restrictions.


Yes, there is a question in the application that asks if you are interested in the in-person option. If you say no, it will not affect your chances at acceptance - regardless if we’re in person or not.

Program will be hybrid no matter what.


Super excited for this! Just applied with Super Skyward Towers :crossed_fingers:


So hopefully this is THE year I participate haha but I do have a question, when is the first and last day of the program?


We typically set a date that works well for those who are accepted as participants. Right now, we’re aiming for early May. We may have a second start date at the end of May/June if there’s participants still in classes.


I’ve been waiting for this opportunity since 2020, finished high school and technical college this is definitely up my alley for sure. I wish everyone the best of luck applying!


A Question What Should I Place in this space?


Each team should have a designated leader, which is primarily for contact / organization reasons. Decide amongst your team who that individual will be, and put their username there. Make sure your whole team puts the same person.


What time frame will the accelerator be open? Additionally, are the meeting times flexible/agreed upon, or are they decided on your end?


Are you wanting people who are on the team to have individual experience of the listed points, or the team as a whole to experience this?

If that were the case of the whole team needing it if the team members have the experiences would that be allowed because the team I’m on has been wanting to do the accelerator program?.


Looking forward to see if I can apply again this class and bring back the experience I worked on last Summer Accelerator to newer heights. Fingers crossed we get in, feeling a lot more confident about my development and ability to take on this opportunity!

As with the Spring opportunity, I encourage anyone interested to apply if you have the time and meet the prerequisites! You have nothing to lose by applying and you’re essentially getting contracted to do what you already do with some guidance from industry professionals. Providing feedback to Roblox throughout the program is also a really valuable part of Accelerator.

A bit of a question since the wording here is a bit unclear:

By full year does this mean a session? For example, my team participated in Summer 2021, so we’re thinking of applying for Summer 2022. Would this qualify as “a whole year”, even if we apply now which January is not a full year from our Summer applications?


Most meetings that require you and your whole team are scheduled by you. Roblox HQ does operate on PST time (Usually 9a-5p) but we’ve had participants from all over the globe. It works pretty well, the only struggle is some of the presentations at the beginning/end.


The most important thing is that there’s a PUBLIC AND FREE demo/experience that the majority of your team has worked on, which the team lead fills in on the application. Individuals who have their own public and free demos/experiences are definitely a plus, but not required.


That’s correct, your team can apply for Summer 2022 since your last participation was Summer 2021.


To put this into other words - does this mean that someone can apply by themselves with the intent to expand using the Accelerator Program?