|| Summer Beach: Hangout || Release V2


Hello Everyone, I have just finished a 2 1/2 Week Project and I am still continuingly updating it still, so this game is a hangout game, just chillin, hanging out, exploring, etc. I didn’t want to make it as your ordinary ROBLOX hangout so I added more such as a Roller Coaster, a Volcano with a Secret Lair Installed, Controllable Ducks, etc. I’ve spent the time to actually make Thumbnails, a Game Icon, and Badges for the game because I actually have hope for it, and I’m just tryna get the game out there yk without using robux because I don’t have the robux to advertise. But other than that lets get to the juicy part. I’ll showcase some in-game screenshots and artworks that I’ve made using “paint.net



Game’s Link


V1 Of The Game Devforum

Devlog Of Building The Base Game Before V1

Whats Soon To Come? ( The Biggest Update For July )

  • Functioning Ice Cream Stand
  • Duck Invasion ( Live Event On July )
  • Custom Gear Made By Me
  • New Islands with More Stuff
  • Upgraded Clothing Area
  • More Slides
  • Duck Ride
  • Ridable Duckys

Quick Note

If You want to see all the Artwork / In-Game Screenshots just go to the home page of the game and look there!

Gameplay / Trailer


This looks fantastic sir! I love it already , such a nice place to just chill out :smiley:

Good stuff !

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