Superhero Simulator - Earn ability points, level up to gain new powers, discover new areas

To prepare for the Roblox accelerator, my team and I started on a game to get into the swing of things, and after 6 weeks of creating we’re happy to release Superhero Simulator!

Practice your running and jumping to quickly get your ability points up. Earn enough XP through quests to level up, earning you new powers. Find the hidden Pets and rescue them to claim them.

My goal is to get this game featured, anyone know how to do that? I’ve been working hard to make it profitable with sponsored ads but the ARPU is not high enough and ads are costing too much.

So, what do you think?


If you want to get your game considered for a feature, the following link may be useful to you and your Development Team. Also, you could consider getting your game onto the Rhtro section as well, plus I believe that you’re able to submit your game for Live-Ops.

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