Featured Games Program - Getting Started & Expectations

Hey Developers,

Please keep in mind that the information here is subject to change at any time. We might include or remove content as needed.

As many of you know, Roblox has a Featured sort on the Games page. The sort is managed and updated by our Featured Games team. In order to be considered for the Featured games sort, your game must pass a set of guidelines. Those guidelines can be found here.

The rest of this topic is a list of useful information the Featured Games team has compiled to help developers who want their games Featured and those who have been picked for the Featuring opportunity.

Challenges that you might encounter:

  • Game Optimization
    • Improving performance on all devices, including low-end devices such as phones and tablets.
  • Marketing & Advertising
    • Creating a release schedule and marketing plan. Building a portfolio of usable advertisements and thumbnails.
  • Game Security
    • Filtering Enabled with proper networking security to facilitate a healthy game environment free of exploiters.
  • Scaling Game Data
    • Using data stores to collect necessary data in a way which scales with growth.

Do not worry, we will work with you on all of these challenges!

Here is a list of resources created by the Developer Community that may help you get started:

If you have a featured game suggestion or want to submit your game for the program use the following link:

Additionally, we have guidelines for developers who wish to update their game while it is in the featured rotation:

If you have any suggestions to include on this topic please reply below and we will check it out.

Feel free to directly message the Featuring_Program group on the Developer Forum if you have any questions or concerns about the Featured Games Program.

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Time to get working.

I was a millisecond away from first post.




No no, its fine, its fine I don’t mind being excluded, its fine.

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Included! :slight_smile:

We were planning to include the post but at the time it was missing images and we were waiting for our team to resolve the image issue before including it. Thanks for the reminder!

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Oh wow lol, thanks for featuring it! I think some of it is a little broken or unreliable, as its in the pinned tutorial set I think I’ll give it a make over!

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What is meant by ‘necessary data’? And what’s it mean for it to scale with growth?

I mean it may just be talking about saving players’ data in a reliable way in which they don’t lose it sometimes shouldn’t lose it, but I’m just making sure.

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This probably means that the game should save whatever the player would expect to be saved so that they can resume playing next time they’re on. This is different for every game. Data stores can be complicated once error handling and retrying is taken into account, so it makes sense that this would be one of the “challenges that you might encounter”.

This probably means that your data store system should not break with an influx of players or with a game update.

Here are some things that won’t scale with growth: (do not do these)

  • Sticking all player data from every player that has played the game into one single table under a single key
  • Grabbing a player’s position on a leaderboard by iterating through all results in an ordered data store
  • Storing player data across many keys such that it takes a lot of data store calls to read or write a player’s data
  • Making many data store calls for other reasons, such as checking all of a player’s friends’ data stores (could be 200 calls!)
  • Not having any indication of the version of a player’s data. (If your data format changes in the future then you might need to know the current version of the player’s data to transfer it to the new format or fill in some new default values.)
  • Not having error handling, retrying, or autosaving.

A lot of these might be fine at a small player count, but once your game grows they could cause problems. You need to avoid things such as these which will cause problems when your game grows.


Oh wow, I feel put on the spot, time to go back and clean up my old GUI tutorial.


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Where is the form to apply my game to the section promoted? where is it? where is it sent?


Doesn’t look like you can apply for it anymore


Closing this thread, this is no longer relevant as the Featured Games sort has changed.