SurfaceProjection PROJECT

Hello developers, I am coolcostupit, I just managed to get something done that ALOT of other developers wanted to be added to roblox, its not exactly like we all wanted, but it should still satisfy the request of Surface projection on roblox.

Since roblox has added support for Mesh deformation ( cage mesh deformer ), I came to an idea of making a mesh plane with almost 500 bones in total. Each bone is positioned in a grid.


How it works:
Basically it goes through a loop for each bone inside the plane, making a raycast with each of them using a specialised formula, the formula smoothes and fixes the position of each bone to prevent parts from clipping through the projected decal.

The usages are endless and when the projection system is finally complete I will definitely use it for decal editing on cars and for bulletholes.

I am also open for question, ask me anything!
Sincerely coolcostupit