Tastetea | LR Expectations

Tastetea | LR Expectations Guide


This guide will inform you on most of the things that all MRs and HRs expect of our LRs that work here at Tastetea.

General Expectations

At Tastetea, we have high expectations for our LRs to maintain a positive, healthy, and high standard for everybody visiting the café. You are required to utilize grammar when attending training sessions and working behind the counter. Though you are not required to use grammar when not in the kitchen, we kindly ask that you still maintain professionalism and maturity at all times. You are allowed to joke around with your friends, just make sure it does not get out of hands. Also, you are required to have some sort of guide ready when serving customers behind the counter. You’ll need a positive, welcoming greeting when someone approaches you at the register, and even better; a confident outro once you have handed the customer their desired order. Please remember that you do not have to make your greeting complex, just nice and simple. You may customize your greeting as you please.


  • (Greeting): Greetings! Welcome to Tastetea, my name is (username), how may I assist you on this lovely day?
  • (Secondary Comment): Exhilarating choices! Will that be all for today?
  • (Third Comment): Scrumptious choice(s)! Allow me to prepare your order accordingly; please stay at the register.
  • (Outro): Enjoy! Thank you for visiting Tastetea, have a wonderful day! Be sure to visit again.

If you encounter a troller, or notice another user trolling, we expect that you handle the situation maturely and professionally. This means not issuing any actual warnings and not interacting with the troller in any way. You should contact a Staff Assistant+ once you have politely asked the troller to stop, so they can ban the troller. If you are unsure of their actions, you can refer back to our Warnings Guide for further assistance.

Finally, you are required to follow our Code of Conduct at all times whilst on Tastetea grounds. Trolling of any source, abusing the Hand-to Tool, or breaking any rules in general at Tastetea will result in a demotion from your position and a potential ban from the Premium Customer rank.

If you have any questions regarding anything mentioned above, feel free to contact any Corporate Assistant or above.

The Tastetea Presidential Board