[TDW] Celvestia's War Terms Template Part 1

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The Dark Warriors

War Terms Template Part 1

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

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[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - War Terms Part 1
[4.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

This thread keeps track of all the war terms that Celvestia enforces to-date. Part 2 can be found here. The reason why it’s called a ‘Template’ is because we encourage other nations to use these war terms for their own as well (and crediting us) and that they’re negotiable to an extent. They’re a template mainly for Celvestians to use though. Celvestia has been through over 50+ different wars and we’ve encountered quite a lot of sketchy scenarios which resulted in the majority of these war terms being created. Some are very specific while others aren’t. This is to protect both sides in the grand scheme of things. Enjoy!

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | War Terms Part 1]:black_small_square:

NOTE: Part 2 of the war terms template can be found here. These are all up for negotiating except for the ones that specifically state they aren’t.

  • Server size must be 35.

  • Defense wins don’t count. Attempting to claim a defense win as a war score point will result in the other side receiving a point.

  • Max of one server. Starting more than one server without agreement from both sides will result in the other servers being voided.

  • These are the official raid times. If you raid officially outside these raid times then the other side gets a point. Meme raids and fun raids are allowed outside of war times if both sides agree to it, however, they do not go towards the war score.

Weekdays Monday - Thursday;
3 PM PST; 5 PM CST; 6 PM EST till
8 PM PST; 10 PM CST; 11 PM EST

Weekday - Friday;
3 PM PST; 5 PM CST; 6 PM EST till
9 PM PST; 11 PM CST; 12 PM EST

Weekend - Saturday;
10 AM PST; 12 PM CST; 1 PM EST till
9 PM PST; 11 PM CST; 12 PM EST

Weekend - Sunday;
10 AM PST; 12 PM CST; 1 PM EST till
8 PM PST; 10 PM CST; 11 PM EST

  • The war begins [Month] [Day], first to [X] raid wins.

  • Who can host defenses and raids for Celvestia? Every person that’s CCL (Certified Combat Leader) verified and have an open schedule: [list of names here]. You are not allowed to message anyone to defend/raid for TDW if they aren’t CCL verified. Forcing a Non-CCL verified HR to host will result in Celvestia getting a war point.

  • Raid leaders must get temporary mod at the beginning of raids to access logs and messaging commands. Public logs is encouraged if possible. You can only have 2 people with mod on the raiding side. Hiding logs is prohibited and will result in a war point given to the opposition. Refusing to give temporary mod to a raid leader will result in the raiders getting a war point.

  • Who raids first on what days? This can be settled by the leaders talking it out and agreeing to the raids of the day. So since we have a “no limit to how many times you can raid in a day” war term, this means that there could be 6-12 battles per day. So it would go like this: TDW raids first then the enemy counters. TDW raids second then the enemy counters. Repeat 8 times. All the way until the end of the war time for that day. The next day the enemy can start off with raiding TDW first then TDW countering after. So it would be like this: Enemy raids first then TDW counters. Repeat 8 times. Note that you cannot change the order of the raids once the first battle has decided who raids first on that day. So you can’t do this: TDW raids first then enemy counters, now the enemy wants to raid first and TDW counters. That is not allowed. Failure to go by what was agreed by both groups will result in a war point to the other side. For example: Group A refuses to let Group B counter even though Group A just raided Group B, if Group A does not let Group B counter by the end of the 10 minute cool down (for countering) then Group B gets the point.

  • You can’t free rank people in your group. What I mean by this is you can’t rank people to HR/Veteran/MR/LR out of nowhere. Preferably a screenshot of the members in each group rank is encouraged when enforcing this war term. This is for when you look back at the member count of their HR’s for example, and before the war it says “7 HR”, but now it says “8 HR”. You could call the enemy out for ranking someone to HR out of nowhere. You can request for audit logs to see when and how this person became HR. If they were the rank under that HR rank, let’s say I was M4 Gradastian and I just did my oath, now I am H1 Kernalvus. If I was a M4 for a long time and I wasn’t ranked to it recently then that is legitimate. What isn’t legitimate is being ranked to certain ranks quickly or right before war time without any prior proper rank history or longevity. If caught doing so will result in 1 war point per case (case meaning each time you’re caught free ranking people. A case can range between free ranking 1 person to free ranking 10.) So I catch you one time, and I get the war point. If I catch you again I could get another.

  • Known exploiters such as the ones in the SCC #exploiter channel list and other community exploiter lists are to be enforced. Adding exploiters that you discovered during the war to the ban list is enforced. Not enforcing the known exploiter ban and updating the exploiter ban before the start of the next war day (unless something serious came up with the developer in-charge who couldn’t get on for some reason, in that case we will manually ban that exploiter in-game) will result in a war point to the other side. However, if Group A catches Group B not only not enforcing the ban list, but also sees Group B encouraging exploiters to go on alts and participate, with enough evidence (preferably evidence that exposes the leader or HICOM for supporting it, not just random LR’s encouraging exploiters unless the LR’s are not getting punished by the HICOM/LDR) Group A could get the war win for Group B refusing to enforce the exploiter ban on multiple accounts + encouraging exploiters. In another scenario, if Group A catches Group B slip up once and not ban a known exploiter that was called out DURING the raid and not AFTER then Group A gets a war point. If it was called out AFTER the raid then nothing much can be done there besides having the person be removed from future events. It is both sides responsibility to call out suspicious occurrences DURING the events.

  • Group audit logs must be presented to be reviewed when requested by one side. Once the time is reasonable for both sides they will conduct a screen share to view group audit logs. You will refresh the page several times during screen share to make sure nothing is edited. Failure to abide by this war term will result in a war point.

  • Do not break the ROBLOX Terms of Service. You will get yourself punished by ROBLOX. If the LDR (not HICOM) is not doing anything about the ToS breaking behavior during war events then the other side gets a war point. The leader is responsible for the group that they hold according to ROBLOX.

  • Third party judges/refs and war moderators will not be used. I’d rather the leaders discuss things as mature adults or at the very least try to. Only the necessary HICOM members will be present for negotiations and war-related discussions. All negotiations and discussions will be handled in a discord server held by TheCelvestian (Volunteer QA Tester for ROBLOX plus 8 year long leader of TDW, in-case you’re wondering about credibility here).

  • Servers with really bad ping/latency can be restarted if both raid and defense leaders AGREE. The terminal time will resume as it was before the restart. So for Resurgence if raiders had the terminal at 200/400 on Point C then they would need to hold Point C for another 200 seconds in the new server then we skip to Point H ASSUMING RAIDERS DON’T LOSE POINT C (if raiders lose Point C during their last 200 seconds then it goes back to 0/400 and regular raids resumes).

  • Free-ranking random people or people who just joined recently is not allowed. Failure to abide will result in a war point. What is allowed is lets say a TDW Ex-HICOM rejoins and was once a raid leader and wants to help with raids. If TDW can provide evidence that this person was a raid leader and is a veteran then they are allowed to have that person be ranked. Basically, don’t free rank anyone UNLESS you get the approval of the other side or show them the proof that the person you’re ranking is an actual veteran or previous HICOM who is actively during war times mostly.

  • Once negotiations are settled and both sides have SIGNED OFF on the war terms and the war has an official start date, both groups have until the day before the war begins to have their bases ready with all the changes made that were requested and agreed upon. If the changes that were requested haven’t been made by the first war day then it would result in a war point each passing day (unless there’s a legitimate reason such as the developers being hospitalized or something along the lines of that in which case the war can either be paused until the changes can be met). So when I say each passing day I mean it this way: Day 1 - Group A hasn’t made the requested updates for their base so Group B is now 1 - 0. Day 2 - Group A still hasn’t done it so Group B is now 2 - 0. All the way until either Group A does the base updates requested or Group B wins the war by war term points.

  • No war pausing or time outs unless something serious has come up (for example: leader got into a car crash). Vacations don’t count. Attempting to pause the war for any other reason that isn’t actually serious (for example: vacations, reforms, recruitment, etc.) will result in the group surrendering.

  • If one side or the other have suspicions that changes have been made to a base or the swords feel different in a negatively impacting way then they may request to view the base in screen share and check the values on the swords live for example. You will also show the base version before and after the screen share. Failure to abide by this war term will result in a war point.

  • Recruitment is open (meaning people can FREELY JOIN your group without you going out and forcing them or influencing them). Recruiting at GRP with your own members is also allowed. Allies are allowed to join during wartime on their own free will. Do not ask allied leaders to have their members join your war. Also if outside groups decide to join the war by pushing for members joining one side or the other then those clans will be banned from the war. If a war has way too many clans jumping in and helping one side or the other then the war will be paused as we deal with all the clans/people that tried to bandwagon the war. If it’s not fixable then the war will be paused for a long period of time until the attention has died down so that the war may resume. No voiding. Failing to abide by this war term (more specifically the recruitment aspect) will result in a war point or worse depending on the severity.

  • If an exploiting instance occurs during the war the leaders and HR’s of both groups will discuss it over in a fair step-by-step case to determine the true origin and main intention of the exploit. If the exploiting instance is very small like if someone was speeding themselves then a server shutdown wouldn’t be necessary. After further inspection and validation only then can you ban the alleged exploiter. If you claim there’s an exploiter present during the defense/raid then you must present the evidence on the spot in DM’s of either raid leader or group leaders. If people are dying out of no where and it’s quite obvious of this happening and we can’t figure out who’s causing it then the entire defense/raid is voided due to someone sabotaging the event. Here’s an example of randomly dying. Why would you carry out an event if people are dying from nothing?

  • If one side is caught protecting/shielding exploiters during the raid/defense and refuses to ban them even after evidence is shown then the other side instantly gets 1 war point.

  • Max of half of the server can be defenders at the beginning of the raid. Once the raid starts the amount of defenders/raiders can change to whatever. We will go by however many the fort requires for official. Must make room for raiders if over half of the server size is full of defenders (only for the start of the defense/raid). For example, if the server size is 30 then the max the defenders can have is 15 until raiders arrive. Once the raiders arrive the defender/raider count can rise to whatever. Another example is if the server size is 40 then the max the defenders can have before the raiders arrive is 20 defenders present. So if defenders have 20 and raiders bring 14 and the defense/raid begins, then the defenders can bring more people and do a 26v14. Refusing to make room at the start of a defense for raiders (leaving half the server size open for raiders so it’s a 20v20, 15v15, 14v14, etc.) will result in a war point.

  • No shutting servers down without the approval of the raiding team, even if there’s an ‘exploit’. If it’s an exploit it must be reviewed by the raid leaders right there in DM’s. If it’s anything else it must be discussed right then and there as well to determine if it’s worthy enough to shut down. Messing with the server to interfere with a raid is not allowed. Shutting down servers and/or messing with them without the approval of the raiding team will result in a war point to the raiding team.

  • Allies are allowed. No more than one ally group per event. If caught bringing more than 1 ally to an event (you’re caught asking for backup from multiple allies) then it results as a war point for the other side. However, if you already have an ally with you that you called and another ally voluntarily tries to help you, you must tell them to leave or else you’ll fork up a war point for the other side. Allied leaders are allowed to attend as long as they’re not bringing their groups with them. If members start following that leader then those members will be asked to leave.

  • All terminals should be set to 1200 seconds and the base must allow overtime. Refusing to allow overtime during a raid (if raiders have the term and the raid time is up) will result in a war point for the other side.

  • Spying is allowed (since this is war, spying comes with it). When I say spying I mean having one of your members “join the opposite team’s discord/group” to gather any “plans” or “strategies” they have. That type of spying is allowed cause it’s going to happen anyways. It also adds to the role play aspect of “war” and makes it all the more intense. You’re allowed to kick spies out of your discord/group obviously.

  • No limit to how many times you can raid in one day. 10 Minute counter to allow the group to prepare. 30 minute cool-down. Example: Let’s say Group A raids Group B and it ends in a draw. Now Group B wants to counter so Group A will have 10 minutes to get ready at their base. After 10 minutes are up Group B will launch. Group B loses the raid and now Group A wants to raid Group B back. They must wait for 30 minutes to raid back. However, making a group wait longer than the 10 minute prep time or 30 minute break if you have the official amount to defend will be considered as a war point. For example, lets say both groups did their raid/defense and counter, now we have a 30 minute cool down. Once the cool down is up Group A asks Group B to defend in 10 minutes. However, if Group B has the official amount to defend but doesn’t want to place even after the 10 minutes are up (because they don’t want to be outnumbered) then it’ll be considered as cowardice and therefore a war point for stalling. If they don’t even have the official amount needed then it’s okay to ask for more time as long as the other side agrees. If the other side demands for them to defend even without the official amount needed they will either have to surrender a war point or fight with what they have.

  • Only one agreed admin is allowed to be used at each base. For example Khol’s or Adonis’ are good ones. If discovered that you have a second admin or secret admin then the other side gets a war point.

  • Any admin abuse that takes place with proof provided (legit proof) will result in the raid/defense as being a victory to the other side. Example: Kicking people without actual valid reasons/proof (they must be breaking fort rules for you to consider kicking them), changing health for members, and so on. Using the “:M” jokingly once like “:M what if you wanted to go to heaven but god said you need better war terms” is okay as long as you don’t spam the :M message frequently. Spamming meaning you do it like 10 times for no reason. Giving people sparkles and fire isn’t terrible, however, it’s recommended not to do as it disrupts the field of vision of some players. The only acceptable commands to use during war-time are the following: :M, :rs all (at the start of the event), :PM, :logs, :team [user] [team name], :respawn all (at the start of the event), :respawn team-tdw (if you’re trying to respawn your own team to do a team rush), :kick (for rule breakers and non participants), :ban (for exploiters and serious + repeat offenses), and :watch (to watch suspicious players and people potentially stuck). I might’ve missed a command or two but those are the only ones that are really necessary during raids/defenses so keep it that way.

  • You can start a raid no later than 30 minutes before the raid curfew. This prevents raids being launched at the very last minute. So let’s say the curfew ends at 9 PM PST and you want to launch at 8:35 PM PST, you’re not allowed to. it has to be 8:30 exactly or before. Attempting to force an HR (harassment, blackmail, spamming, or just being really crude) to defend/raid within the last 30 minutes of the curfew of the day will result in a war point.

  • Abide to each other’s fort/capital/base rules. (Depending on the rules of the fort if they’re fair and both sides agree to them). We will go over each base rule and make sure we agree to all of them for the bases that are being used for the war. No glitching is a mandatory rule.

  • If the battle is DDoS’d then it must be restarted in a new server and if the raiders held the terminal to a certain point (let’s say 400/1200 for example) then they only need to hold the terminal for another 800 seconds to win. However, if the defenders capture the terminal in the new server then the terminal is reset back to 0/1200 and they have to hold it for the full 1200 seconds this time. To make sure we replicate the old server as accurately as possible, before we start we will teleport either 1/3 or 1/2 of the raider team to the terminal (if there was proof of how many were at the terminal before it got ddos’d that would help tremendously). If the numbers are even then 1/2 gets teleported to the term. If the numbers favor raiders then 1/3 gets teleported to term before we start the new server. If the server continues to get ddos’d then we will have to most likely pause the war day to sort out scheduling and the ddos attacks as it wouldn’t be fair if we continued the war with one side getting all their raids in. If one side is caught encouraging DDoS’ing (like the leader and HICOM is either doing it or not punishing the people they know that are doing it EVEN AFTER YOU SHOWED THEM THE 100% IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE) then the other side will get a war victory. However, you must reach out to the enemy and let them know about the DDoS’ing. Show all your evidence to them and have them remove and blacklist the people doing it. Then we will email ROBLOX with the evidence about the DDoS together as it is a very serious offense and is illegal. If every event keeps getting DDoS’d and neither side knows who it is then the war will be voided altogether with an agreement between both leaders.

  • No alternate accounts. Too much risk is associated with alts being allowed. Attempting to verify someone’s identity on an alternate account might prove who they are for a limited time before they could potentially have the account shared with someone who has malicious intent in-mind. Alternate accounts have nothing on them or non-valuables and therefore people can pass them around to allow for all types of cheating during events. If you’re gonna ask to allow alternate accounts because “they don’t have group space” then that’s not our problem cause ROBLOX now allows 100 group space for everyone. They can afford to leave all the groups they’re inactive in. If they can’t do that then tough luck. If you’re caught allowing alternate accounts and refusing to remove/ban them from events then the other side gets a war point.

  • No unjustified Auto-wins. Attempting to claim an autowin will result in a war point for the other side if the autowin is not justified. By justified I mean there has to be solid proof that it’s 100% credible. For example, a video clearly showing the logs of an HR change the health of members and making people invincible is solid proof.

  • No major updates to each others bases, only updates that fix glitches, bugs, favoritism of a side, etc. You MUST contact the other team before updating your base, even small bug fixes, if they approve then you may update your base to exactly what you said you would do. However, if the other side isn’t available to talk and the base change can’t wait then you must record your screen and show every single step of you doing this change. You must leave a message explaining what you’re doing to the base for the opposing groups’ leadership. You’ll start with showing the current base version of your base, then you’ll go to the fort page and enter studio or do your server size change or whatever on recording, then after you’re done you save and go back to base versions to show that you’ve done exactly what you needed to do. Here is an example. If you do make an update without telling the opposing team and it changes the base in some way (whether it’s you removed some truss, a strategically placed tree, edited swords, or whatever it may be) then it’ll result in a war point for the other side and if you refuse to change the base back to the original version that was agreed upon by both sides then you’re forfeiting the war. Even changes to the description and title of the game must be reported to the other side. Here’s an example of doing base changes behind someone’s back and getting caught doing it (skip to 1:00 for audit logs). Just don’t do it man.

  • No random points being added to the war score without valid proof of a victory. If you refuse to take down the random point then the opposing side gets a war point.

  • Provide picture/video proof of the valid amount of defenders defending the base at the beginning of the raid. Otherwise the legitimacy of your raid victory will be questioned and most likely disregarded. It’s encouraged to record the entire raid/defense for personal records. Examples of proof can include the “Begin” message at the start of the defense/raid (can be in logs or as it’s announced) as it implies that both sides are ready to begin which means they have their forces set to go. Another example of proof is a screenshot/recording of the leaderboard. If you do not have any proof whatsoever then the other side may claim that the win is not valid because you have no way to prove that the win ever happened. However, if the other side is nice enough and aren’t scummy then they would admit that they lost with the official amount of defenders at the beginning and that would count as proof (this is only when you forgot to get proof of the win and of the defender amount). So basically get proof of the valid amount of defenders at the beginning of the raid and proof of your win.

  • Flaming should be kept to a very MINIMUM. If members are acting unruly and are consistently flaming then they must be muted.

  • Have all victories either stored in an album or documented somewhere safe for the end of the war.

  • No duplication of victories. If you’re caught duplicating victories then the other side gets a war point.

  • No personal threats/attacks within a group, keep this fun and safe for everybody. People who are caught threatening the other side, blackmailing, bribing, and other scummy tactics will be removed from the war and possibly blacklisted from both groups. However, if the HR’s or LDR themselves is encouraging this behavior or partaking in it during negotiations and events then it will result in a war point to the other side IF NOTHING IS DOWN ABOUT IT.

  • If nonstop harassment is thrown at another team/group and all are documented (overwhelming amount of evidence must be collected) it could result in a war point for the other side due to bad sportsmanship. Example: profane, vulgar, and/or condescending messages towards one side. Only intense or extreme stuff will be documented. If it’s coming from just one person then they should be removed from all war activities until further notice. If it’s coming from a group of people then they will also be removed from all war activities until further notice. Warnings must be given out to these people before considering removing them from war activities.

  • Jointing clans (merging clans with other groups outside of the war) during a war is considered cheating. Jointing clans right before a war starts (meaning negotiations have already happened and the war is scheduled to happen soon) is not allowed. Doing either of these is considered a surrender due to the war essentially becoming a 2 v 1 scenario because one side was too incapable of fighting on their own.

  • Switching leaders right before (meaning after negotiations are cemented) and during the war is considered a surrender due to the previous leader not being able to handle the position of authority and is stepping down. However, if special circumstances arise we will understand and won’t hold it against you. You must reach out to us though. Special circumstances being like the leader got in a car crash and someone else needs to take over. A leader saying “gonna play Minecraft and Fortnite for a while, bored with Roblox” is not a reason to switch leaders right before or during a war.

  • Any signs of misconduct or refusal to defend from the HR’s that are online will be counted as a surrender and therefore as a war point. For Celvestia, it would be the CCL verified HR’s. For example: Lets say 3 HR’s are online for Group A and Group B decides it wants to raid Group A. Group B messages the three online HR’s, however, the online HR’s all declined Group B. This will result in a raid win. If one of the three HR’s doesn’t respond within 30 minutes it’s safe to say they’re currently AFK or Offline so go by what the other two HR’s say. They MUST provide a legitimate reason as to why they cannot host at that given time, it has to be serious/important. Also make sure to record/screenshot the HR’s if they are going to decline for no reason. Make sure to record the HR/HC ranks as well to show who’s online and who isn’t while you’re messaging people LIVE for 100% legitimacy. Here’s an example of this happening at 5:26. Apparently the HR’s of PIF were never shown the war terms so they didn’t even know about this rule.

  • Must contact a CCL verified HR for Celvestia or an HR for the opposing group 10+ minutes before a raid or until there are enough people to defend. However, if you do not have enough by 10 minutes you will be given 5 more minutes to rally enough members. Once time is up and you still don’t have enough defenders, you will be presented with two options: Be raided or surrender the defense which will be counted as a war point. Failure to abide by this war term will result in a war point.

  • No hiring outside groups or outside members to join. No hiring allied members to join. Just don’t hire anyone. Don’t go around asking for outside groups to join either. Asking for allies to join isn’t allowed either. Your allies should join on their own accord, not yours. If you’re caught breaking any of these then the opposing side gets a war point.

  • Use common sense and don’t cheat.

  • Use this sword. It’s just a normal sword. That’s all. Relax. None of the ‘anti-ft’ and ‘float on’ annoyances. New animation only.

  • No loopholes. Don’t try to weasel your way around any of these war terms. Doing so could result in a raid or war victory depending on the severity of the case. For example, trying to loophole your way out of 10 war terms that you’ve broken can result in a war victory for the other side. Another example is trying to loophole your way out of the admin abuse war term which can result in a war point for the other side.

:black_small_square:[4.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

The list of terms is updated so that it covers both parties respectfully and maintains a positive and mutually beneficial war experience. Part 2 can be found here. Most of the terms are open for negotiations, however, some aren’t as they’re just common sense and are necessary. We hope you enjoyed looking over our list of war terms. And as always, stay true to your heart of gold Celvestian.

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.


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