[TDW] The Siderian Oath

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The Dark Warriors

The Siderian Oath

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

[-Table of Contents-]


[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - The Oath
[4.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

Greetings Celvestians! I am here to present an application process for not only M3 but also anyone else in The Dark Warriors who have presented themselves as worthy for the rank of M4. This process is very simple and easy to go through, all you have to do is schedule a date and time with an H2+ ranked member and then you will go in-game at either the Training Center or Vulkren’s Peak to take the oath, the H2+ will then screenshot/video you stating the oath and then promote you to M4.

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | The Oath]:black_small_square:

“I hereby pledge my full allegiance to the great nation of Celvestia. I will do everything in my power to ensure that the Celvestian race prospers and triumphs over every obstacle. I understand that failure is not an option as I progress forward into the Celvestian High Command and I shall accept the consequences that are associated with it. As a Celvestian I shall stay true to my blood and to my blade and no matter what path I’ll take I will uphold the values of Celvestia. For I know no matter how far gone I am I will always have the heart of gold that is true to every warrior.”

Once you have stated the oath, sentence by sentence, and the H2+ has confirmed the screenshot/video, you will be ranked to M4 and begin the testing process to become an H1 shortly after. Goodluck Celvestians!

:black_small_square:[4.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

The Oath has been a long running tradition within the group (especially in-lore). It was been used on and off quite a lot of times since 2012. However, it’s now used to officially declare Celvestians as members of a higher Grade. It’s recorded for personal records as an insurance for Celvestia so that we have visible proof of the Celvestian taking the oath and taking on the responsibilities of the S & V Grade. If they fail to meet what’s expected of them then it’s on them. If they abuse the power given to them then it’s on them. They break the sacred Siderian Oath and it can be seen as an act of treason. Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read over our Oath! We wish all of our Sisterians good luck when taking their oath. And as always, remember to stay true to your heart of gold Celvestia.

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • Zerarid, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • MysticCelvestian, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • CelvestianPrime, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • DarkenedVoids, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • xAmy_021, Beston of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.