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The Dark Warriors

Celvestia’s Promotion System

‘Golden Era’

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of Gold."

[-Table of Contents-]


[1.0] - Introduction
[2.0] - Celvestian Philosophy
[3.0] - Promotion Structure

  • [3.1] - Ranks
  • [3.2] - Requirements
  • [3.3] - Medals

[4.0] - S & V Promotions
[5.0] - Additional Information
[6.0] - Conclusion

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:black_small_square:[1.0 | Introduction]:black_small_square:

We believe that this is the most efficient promotion system that we, as Celvestians, can build off of. We’ve tried many different promotion systems starting with databases, case studies, tests, points, and so on, however, here we are. In the end, databases and points are just too ‘robotic’ and desensitizing for us to try and we’d much rather have a more hands on and engaging approach with our promotions and learning experiences. So this thread will help keep track of the basic foundation that we’ve laid down for us to follow. It’s meant to keep a simple yet consistent feel to how traditional and community-based we are as Celvestians. As time goes on and we move forward, so will this system. It will get better and better just like a Celvestian in-training.

:black_small_square:[2.0 | Celvestian Philosophy]:black_small_square:

“Even the darkest of warriors have a heart of gold.”

“We’re a family. We’re a game studio. We’re war enthusiasts. We’re a role play group. We’re a community. We’re a hangout. We’re everything. We’re Celvestia.”

:black_small_square:[3.0 | Promotion Structure]:black_small_square:

The current promotion system is structured in a way where it capitalizes off of the progression of a Celvestian through standard methods and checklist-based approaches. It’s a fairly simple yet very effective system for anyone to grasp. How it works is from Citizen to L1 you have the simple attendance to achieve a promotion, from L1 to L4 to have standard promotions (go to any kind of event and do as best as you can to outshine everyone else), from L4 to M1 a simple checklist that you’ll need to pass in-order to be promoted on-the-spot to M1, from M1 to M3 is basically a slower and more tedious version of L1 to L4 because it ties into how you’re going to be promoted from M3 to M4. We will get to that in the following sections. That’s a basic overview of what you’re going to be invested in when participating in Celvestia’s affairs. Section 3.2 will go in-depth on how everything works, what the checklists are, the process of becoming an M4, and so on.

:black_small_square:[3.1 | Ranks]:black_small_square:

This section is taken from the main guide for the group. It is a reminder of how many members can be in each rank max at a time. It can be changed at any given moment, however, a notice will be released when it is.

Low ranks:
    X - [-] Celvestian Citizen
    X - [L1] Citerius
    X - [L2] Valorian
    X - [L3] Elenius
    X - [L4] Vexon

Middle Ranks:
    X - [M1] Bastillius
    X - [M2] Cyrex
    X - [M3] Sisteria
    X - [M4] Gradastian

High Ranks:
	25 - [H1] Kernalvus
    15 - [H2] Cerves
    10 - [H3] Beston
     8 - [HC1] Jakorious
     4 - [HC2] Celvas
     1 - [LDR] Venerius

	X - [-] Ally Representative
	X - [-] Retired Celvestian (Retired Members)

X = No limit of members for this rank
Number = Maximum members for rank

:black_small_square:[3.2 | Requirements]:black_small_square:

This section will go over how you’ll be promoted from one rank to the next as listed below. Keep in mind that each one follows a specific approach that is unique to that rank or rank set. For example, L1 - L4 all follow a similar promotion process so they’re lumped together as a rank set. We also have Siderian & Venerian Grade ranks here as well for the convenience of those that are interested in learning more about how you could reach those ranks. You can always learn more about these ranks and what we’re expecting from the members of each rank in the main guide.

[X] Celvestian Citizen to [L1] Citerius: This promotion is the simplest one, however, it is the deciding factor that will set you apart from everyone else in the group that isn’t taking part in group activities. All you have to do is attend an event and you’ll be promoted to [L1]. However, make sure to let the host know by the end of the event (or when you have to go) that you’re a citizen and require a promotion.

[L1] Citerius - [L4] Zistra: These ranks will be associated with a standard promotion process. What this means is the Celvestians within these ranks will be promoted by simply attending events and performing the best they can at those said events. These ranks are the ‘Classic Promotions’ which references to how the the methods of promoting people back in the older generations of clans were a lot simpler and were on-the-spot versus promotions that are dragged out for long periods of time. In simpler terms: attend a Celvestian event and try to outshine everyone else in your performance to be noticed.

[L4] Zistra to [M1] Bastillius: To be promoted from L4 to M1 you must pass a checklist that a S & V Grade member will go over to see if you pass each one. It’s quite a simple yet effective process. Essentially if you’re at an event and believe wholeheartedly that you deserve a promotion then you may request to speak with the host after the event to see if you pass the checklist. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try at the event you’re at. You should always be doing your best to impress every S & V Grade member that’s present. The more the merrier. The checklist is as follows:


  • Has demonstrated exceptional use of grammar and punctuation.

  • Knows what ‘S & V’ means and can state it clearly.

  • Currently owns an official Celvestian uniform and is wearing it at events.

  • Has acknowledged and at least skimmed over one of the two guides (new member or main).

  • Holds good standing (behaves him/herself essentially) in the community (both in Celvestia and in-front of allies).

  • Is able to communicate with people properly and voice him/herself when necessary. Addresses S & V Grade members and other Grades with respect.

  • Is able to differentiate when he/she can fool around and have fun versus when he/she must be serious.

  • Can demonstrate an adequate level of knowledge in melee and ranged combat. (Adequate doesn’t mean super skilled. It means you’re able to defend yourself and rack up some amount of kills.)

NOTE: The host will be checking the L4 off for each of these after the event has been hosted. However, if the host is busy and can’t do so then the L4 can approach any of the S & V Grade members that are present at the event. If no one is present then the L4 can request this over Discord DM’s and/or PM. Also if the Celvestian fails the checklist the first time they can ask again either the next day or the next event depending on which one they fall short on.

[M1] Bastillius - [M3] Sisteria: These ranks are regarded as the slower and slightly more tedious version of L1 through L4. We treat these ranks in a way where we prepare the MR’s for when they reach M3 and are ready to progress into M4. Attending several events and showing significant amount of progress in your abilities is often encouraged when looking towards being promoted as a MR. It’s advised to train outside of the group as well on your own time (such as practicing grammar, proper etiquette, sharpening your skills as a warrior, and so on) which is really for your personal benefit over anything else. In simpler terms: a harder version of L1 through L4 and encourages a lot of outside work and preparation (such as engaging in HICOM activities, watching tutorials, and so on). It’s up to the host(s) of the event you’re present at to determine if you’re applicable for a promotion based on your performance and behavior at the event. So represent yourself as best as you can at every event.

[M3] Sisteria to [M4] Gradastian: To be promoted from M3 to M4 you must approach a H2+ or higher to be assessed properly (this should be after you read up on the structure of the group and took the time to watch some of the tutorials on how to host to help you transition smoothly into becoming an M4). From there you will be asked to answer a set of questions (it’s not a test and it won’t be graded) that will give us an insight on who you are as a person and what you will be like as a S & V Grade member. You must take these questions seriously and be as comfortably honest as you can when answering them. Once you’ve answered the short set of questions you will then be voted in by the S & V Grade with a majority vote requirement to pass. Once that has gone through you will then be asked to take the Siderian Oath which the H2+ will be recording the interaction and sending the video to the Venerius himself. These videos are used as references for the Venerius for when someone breaks the Universal Decree and/or stands against Celvestia’s interests. After the oath is taken you will then be promoted to Gradastian.

List of Questions:

  1. Are you an outgoing and boisterous type of person, more reserved and calm, or somewhere in-between? If it’s in-between what would you say you are like?

  2. How often are you online on ROBLOX and what times would you normally be able to host an event?

  3. What are you most afraid of when thinking about becoming a S & V Grade member? Be honest. This is between you and the S & V.

  4. What do you think is your best feature as a person?

  5. How experienced are you with leadership roles (both in real life and in ROBLOX)?

  6. What are your strengths as a person? Your weaknesses? Be honest.

  7. What should a training be like to you? How would you go about hosting one? Would it be unique, generic, or a bit of both? (Unique meaning your own twist on events. Generic meaning simple activities like a standard TDM.)

  8. What excites you the most about becoming a S & V Grade member?

NOTE: You will submit your answers to the H2+ that is assessing you. However, if that H2+ is not available then you may ask a different H2+. Answering the questions is mandatory. It does not have to be long paragraphs. However, don’t do one word answers. Be as precise and concise as you can. Send your answers via DM on Discord. We do not accept outside links from people outside of the S & V Grade.

[M4] Gradastian to [H1] Kernalvus: To reach Kernalvus you must be voted in by the S & V Grade, however, it will require a near-unanimous decision as opposed to the vote for an M3 to become an M4. For you to become an H1 you shouldn’t require much if not any Gradastian Core guidance and have practiced plenty as a Gradastian when it came to hosting and getting to know the structure of the group. As an M3 you should’ve been reading up on the guides and taking a look at the tutorials beforehand to help you when you become an M4. Not much is required for this transition except for the approval of the S & V Grade members through a vote.

S & V NOTE: Anything above [H1] Kernalvus is determined by the S & V Grade. Section 4.0 talks about this a little more. Most of the promotions in these two grades are based primarily upon how active, engaged, and constructive you are with your time in the group. You may ask any of the current S & V Grade members for their experiences when reaching the S & V Grade. Promotions are brought up in discussions within the S & V chats and are then dissected properly as to what the Celvestian has done/contributed towards the community and the structure of the group. When you reach [H1] Kernalvus you’ll be able to access information that’s only available to S & V Grade members which will give you an idea on what’s expected from you.

:black_small_square:[3.3 | Medals]:black_small_square:

Medals are earned not only during war-times but also in times of peace as well. Medals are given to those who have outperformed the vast majority in specific fields as well as exceeded the expectations of their current Grade and field. They’re rewards to the people who have went above and beyond the Celvestian Philosophy and delivered immensely to the general populace of this community. These medals can range between all kinds of different fields such as combat, development, intelligence, and so on.

The Feathers of the White Raven: This medal is awarded to those who have risen in the ranks of Celvestia and have established themselves as prominent figures. These figures have taken it upon themselves to lead the nation of Celvestia towards a brighter future using their wits, influence, and positions within the nations structure. Every feather of the White Raven represents those who have sacrificed time and time again for the overall development of Celvestia.

The Staff of Artrayus: This medal is awarded to those who have become the beacon of hope within Celvestia. We look to these people for their wisdom and guidance in desperate times and consider them to be the shining bright light at the end of a dim path. These individuals are considered to be blessed by the Celvestian God of Light, Artrayus himself, who used his staff to deem these individuals as guardian angels of Celvestia.

Celvestia’s Heart of Gold: The bearers of this medal are individuals who have overcome their indifference’s and have set aside their personal struggles to assist others in need. Celvestia considers everyone to be her family and we must respect her wishes. These individuals have went above and beyond what was expected of the average Celvestian and have helped countless others with their personal battles. Whether you’re fighting alongside your fellow Celvestians on the battlefield or fighting a war within the vacancy of your mind, these individuals will be there for you through thick and thin.

The Capital’s Shield of Endurance: This medal is dedicated to the countless decades the Capital of Celvestia has endured. Time and time again she has withstood against many external forces and has come out on top unscathed. In honor of our beloved capital, this medal represents her willingness to keep pushing forward. The individuals that wear this medal are to be considered as the ‘Never Surrender’ Celvestians of our great nation. These individuals will continue to push through and against all odds will do anything within their power to secure the objective in respect to the needs of Celvestia. They will sacrifice whatever it takes to make sure we keep moving forward and will endure the greatest of hardships for her future success.

The Descendants of Unoma: These individuals have achieved feats of glory in times that seemed even a Pyrrhic victory would be the closest outcome to success. However, they’re considered to be descendants of the Celvestian God of War, Unoma, for their incredible abilities and tactics that have proven to be most effective in times of desperate measures. These individuals have demonstrated impressive feats of fighting prowess and tactical usefulness and have applied their abilities and strategies in such difficult moments of Celvestia’s history.

The Threads of Veena: This medal is awarded to the Celvestians who have showcased their most creative and extravagant fashion statements that have attested towards the Celvestian character trait of how the people of Celvestia are incredibly creative and expressive. This medal was named after the Celvestian Goddess of Life, Veena. Veena’s apparel is immensely popular in Celvestia’s community and therefore has been recognized as the face of this medal.

The Closing Chapter: This medal is awarded to the individuals that have participated in both the creation and completion of any lore pieces associated with Celvestia. This medal represents their intuitive creativity being showcased in their written works to be seen by all of Celvestia. Their constant help has provided new foundations for future stories to be expanded upon within our universe.

The Hands of Unity: These individuals have supported their fellow Celvestians through team work exercises and foraging bonds among the community. They have brought Celvestians from all corners of the nation together to work on specific tasks, obstacles, and objectives that require more than one Celvestian to work on. These objectives can range between obstacle courses to strategy and formation practices. These individuals have led their fellow Celvestians towards their goal through a successful demonstration of teamwork and proper communication.

A Knights Vow: This medal is exclusive to The Celvestian Knights as it emphasizes how these individuals who wear this medal of honor have successfully protected the grounds of divinity that they have sworn to protect in times where the opposition greatly outnumbered the knights.

The Building Blocks of Celvestia: This medal is given to certain individuals that have selflessly provided their development services to support the cause of Celvestia and help further advance her technology and architecture. These individuals have sacrificed their time to complete the vigorous tasks associated with the development of our great nation.

The Soradyne Graduate: This medal is awarded to certain individuals that, despite all the odds stacked against them, have succeeded in overcoming their most complicated and difficult of weaknesses. These individuals have set aside all of the ridicule and setbacks that they have faced in efforts to correct themselves so that they may advance forward in the S & V Grade structure. These individuals were willing to step out of their comfort zone and were willing to lose it all to achieve their goal.

The Relentless Wave: This medal is awarded to certain Celvestians who have experienced their own personal redemption story. These individuals have went through hell and back to achieve their current status in Celvestia. The majority of those who wear this medal have experienced an exile at one point. However, they have redeemed themselves and climbed their way back in our ranks to prove to everyone that they’re willing to move past what held them back and are now willing to contribute to the successes of Celvestia.

Venerian Prestige: This honor is bestowed upon the Celvestians that have demonstrated leadership capabilities during desperate times which have caught the attention of even the Venerian Grade members. These individuals will go far within Celvestia and are considered to be natural leaders who will assume the position of authority when it is most necessary for the overall benefit of Celvestia.

The Second Family: This honor is given to those who have served under Celvestia’s banner for quite a long time and have contributed most of their efforts towards the success of Celvestia and its future endeavors. The individuals who posses this medal are considered to be lasting veterans that have been here throughout the years and are considered to be eternal legends of Celvestia’s community.

The Pride of the Venerius: This honor is given to select individuals that have been deemed worthy by the Venerius himself. The Venerius has immense amounts of pride for having these individuals as members of Celvestia and considers them to be proper role models for every Celvestian to look up to.

Stella’s Wisdom: This medal is awarded to the individuals who have strategized accordingly at times where it was most necessary and/or have demonstrated their feats of intelligence through instances of success based on strategy and open-mindedness. This medal is named after the Celvestian Goddess of Wisdom, Stella. These individuals posess intelligence and wisdom that considers them to be worthy enough for the Siderian Grade. This medal recognizes their quick thinking reflexes and intellect that outsmarts the opposition with every counter.

:black_small_square:[4.0 | S & V Promotions]:black_small_square:

This section will cover how promotions will be handled for the ranks above [H1] Kernalvus. All the ranks above Kernalvus are based on your contribution, participation, completed objectives, activity, and dedication towards the nation of Celvestia. The Venerian Grade specifically has a lot of tasks and jobs that are being assigned daily for the them complete and therefore requires a substantial amount of responsibility in comparison to the Siderian Grade. Consider the Siderian Grade as your preparation for the Venerian Grade. Most of the S & V Promotions are based off of either community or S & V only voting as it helps us sort out who’s the most compatible and worthy enough to become a higher ranking member in our structure.

:black_small_square:[5.0 | Additional Information]:black_small_square:

Any questions regarding the promotion system can be directed towards the Venerius himself, Venerian, or Siderian Grade members. We are actively testing this system to see if the community responds to it in a positive or negative manner. If you have any suggestions that can be made towards improving any aspect of this system then you may make your voice be heard in the suggestions channel in our Discord server or on the group wall if you don’t have access to Discord. We are also accepting any kinds of ideas to make our system more invigorating, unique, and interesting to the eyes of the younger and more invested audiences of this community. Again, we’re open to any suggestions.

:black_small_square:[6.0 | Conclusion]:black_small_square:

We very much hope that this system benefits our community as we’re moving towards a future that will result in our community expanding immensely. We believe that this system would work wonders for both the lower and the higher Grades. It will keep things more organized in-terms of how the Celvestians are progressing and how well they’re doing in the group. It will also create incentives for wanting to come to events more often with the thought of being promoted always lingering in their minds. We thank you for taking the time to read our promotion system. We hope it has gave you a better insight on how this whole process works. It’s always open for suggestions and updates and we welcome them with open arms. Stay true to your heart of gold, Celvestian.

Signed by the Following:

  • TheCelvestian, Venerius of Celvestia.
  • AgnitedFury, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • SanityCheck, Celvas of Celvestia.
  • Embresk, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • MysticCelvestian, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • Swordloxx, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • Sketchys, Jakorious of Celvestia.
  • Agreed upon by the Celvestian community.


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