How have TeleportToPlaceInstance and not have TeleportToNewPlaceInstance? It’d be great to create a private server, I made an API and that’s all it’s lacking. TeleportToNewPlaceInstance(Place,Players (table)/Player (object),Delay) with delay as time between teleporting player and server being created. Also it would return InstanceId (JobId) and success of user joining. This would be really easy to do in my opinion.

(It’s sad that they created VIP servers before creating this. I will cry now :frowning: )

Edit: Added Successful Boolean value Join to information returned.
Edit #2: Allow a table of players if needed.

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Admins please take this into consideration. :slight_smile:

Could it be Players instead of Player? would make matchmaking stuff easier.

Because it would return an instanceid, you just just tp them all to it.

I still really want this feature. So my API can be finished with :stuck_out_tongue:

I support this idea, I really need this function for a game lobby I want to make, where players can start a server themselves, and if I could add to it, could you make it to where the return value is the place instance, and one of the arguments you can send data with, and a server data service of some kind on the other end that can receive it? such as being able to send data like what map the users wanted to play in, and if the server is open to the public, and if not, what its entry password is, etc, and a way to also read from this service from another server. stuff like that, please take notice of this feature, even without my requested additions to it, it will be extremely useful to me, and make my users very, very happy! right now my game has issues with the really talented players just steamrolling all the noobs, and its fun for neither side, and my players constantly beg for tournaments, and a dual type mode of playing, both of which I could do officially

tl;dr: I support this, currently universes is useless to me without. would eat a hat and record it if you make this feature, should doing so motivate any admins.

It’s annoying that we have to :CreatePlace every time we want to start a new server >:\


We intend to do this eventually. For now, you have to use CreatePlace.

Turn that eventually into a now, and I love you. I will eat a hat, I could even program it for you, I’m an excellent lua scripter, and can do mediumish with C++

if there is any way we could get this now, or like, in a week, please tell me, if I have to buy lifetime OBC, I could do it if it would help any, kinda fund the thing.

Though it is possible with the CreatePlace API, which is what I’m using for this, I wouldn’t mind a system like this.

CreatePlace is too much of a hassle in universes if you want a polished game you want a polished system. A polished game can’t have over thousands of different host servers, can they? That won’t delete after the players leave unless there’s a delete place I’m missing.

@Pyro: Just re-use places with 0 players in them – keep track of server population with DS.

As far as I’m aware, there’s no user experience you gain by have a place instance API as opposed to using CreatePlace to do it. It’s a few extra lines of code, but that’s it. The user experience should be the same, and the gameplay you can enable exactly the same. If I’m missing something, let me know, but I believe that to be true.

CreatePlace is too much of a hassle in universes if you want a polished game you want a polished system. A polished game can’t have over thousands of different host servers, can they? That won’t delete after the players leave unless there’s a delete place I’m missing.[/quote]

The system I did searches the data stores for all places that appear either unused, or games that haven’t started. If it finds one, it will teleport the player to the place, which is in “Lobby” mode, which won’t start until people vote to start the game.

Then once the game starts, the server is “closed”, and people can only spectate by manually typing the “Server number”. And gradually, one by one, (in my game), if you die, you’re out of the game. Once the game finally ends, the server shuts down and becomes “open”.

And, in case the server crashes, it has a backup mechanism. Whenever a server starts, it has a timestamp using tick() being put into the datastores. If a server is “closed” but its timestamp is past 5 hours (No round will go on for that long), the server will be re-listed as “open”.

You can do that, but that’s a lot of complexity and doesn’t help the user. If the only thing you’re worried about is not creating too many places, then don’t. That’s our problem because we don’t have the right API for you.

It’s not complex just a waste of time. So make this cheap and easy to do API within the next month. PLEASEEEEEE <3 <3 if you aren’t busy.

I don’t want a billion places cluttering up my game, because I want the user to actually see the different places, which will be a lobby, and different versions of my game, spamming it with created places is kinda cluttery, plus there is no real data transfer, other than DS, and the added amount of complexity will shy me away from over using it as it is, even if they just made the function do a create game under the surface, and pretend like its creating a server instead, and all that for now at least, I would be happy, I don’t like hacks, in the past, they have proven to kill giant projects like my RTS, and I had to rewrite the whole thing, which took hours undoing all the hacks.

Actually Weeve, no one can see a list of places in your universe. Only you have access to that.

Still isn’t like other platforms where you can control servers rather than thousands of places, so if you update the game cough cough cough cough cough cough cough.

Yeah I could use this so I can teleport people to games without having to worry if there’s not enough server space to fit everyone in the party (without making the game private)