Temporary Issue with “Experience By Place ID” Sale Location

[Update] July 31, 2023

[Update] June 28, 2023

[Update] June 15, 2023

Hi Creators,

We recently launched a new Sale Location option for UGC Limiteds that allows creators to set their items to be acquirable in-experience only. With this, we saw Creators uniquely utilizing avatar items – for example, to power their experiences with prizes or hand out merchandise that is exclusive to an experience.

We received reports that some users are currently using exploits to purchase Limited items without going through the required task to access the item. As we investigate and work on a fix, we are disabling new items from being created with this Sale Location (Experience by Place ID). At the moment, any existing items will remain as is as we investigate further. Please stay tuned for updates.

Our goal is to create a safe and welcoming environment for everyone. Be aware that using exploits or sharing exploits is a violation of the Community Standards, and may result in account moderation. We will take appropriate action against any users who we find violating the Roblox Community Standards or Terms of Use.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.


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Well, this is a new feature so bugs like this should have been expected. Hope you guys fix this ASAP. Thanks for also notifying us!


This is a premature response in my opinion. Why disable the whole thing when you can just disable this for the free items, which are the only ones that will have these exploiting issues?

Also, I’m not sure what can be done about the exploiting issue unless you make it so the client can’t just prompt the purchase like they can with any other item. It’d probably make more sense to create an API for free items only, like :AwardItem() or something, similar to badges.


hi i don’t have much to say about this specific issue

but i want to say i really appreciate the recent communication and transparency regarding ugc limiteds

please keep up the good work :pray:


down with the exploiters! woo yea


Thank you for this. We had to come up with some “interesting” solutions for this. I ended up teleporting players to a different game at the end where they were immediately kicked if they didn’t have the connected badge to try to avoid this issue.

I’d be very happy to have a better solution for this! (And hopefully a fix that doesn’t fully get rid of Experience by Place ID exclusive items.)


As someone who used this feature recently today, I am very grateful for its addition. It is a great way to encourage players to try new games & get rewarded for doing so. Very appreciative of the team for working on this & hoping for a quick resolution.


I appreciate the quick response to the concerns that people brought up. Hopefully, this can be resolved soon so we can continue engaging more with our communities!


Awesomesauce glad to see this is being fixed :smiley:


Easy fix, make the prompt only via server, not client?


It is not true that exploiters only go for free items. It is true that this is the majority of places where exploiting happens.


I made one - releasing 1,000 free stock and exploiters got the first 100-200. Glad to see you’re doing something about it. :pray:t3:


I agree with this. I don’t understand why disable all in game purchasing for limiteds when only the free items are being exploited?


thrilled to see such a quick response to the issue!

there were some hacky workarounds to try to circumvent these exploits but seeing a proper fix is on the way is great! i just hope it doesn’t take too long to push the fix out so those who had already planned these items are able to move forward!


While you’re at this, it would be fantastic to fix the issue of price and stock not showing after you publish these in-experience/limited-quantity items.



Give me an example of a game that has locked a PAID item behind an objective that has been heavily targeted by exploiters who want to pay for the item that badly


What about the people that were already impacted by this.

For example: We did a community giveaway that had a certain place whitelisted under an experience, however when published it was accessible from the start place and the stock was depleted immediately. The item was obtained way before it was intended and bypassed any steps that were required to gain the item.


Extremely happy that Roblox is taking measures to prevent those kind of exploits.

Thank you so much, hope the feature comes back soon.


I don’t believe that this statement is true. The whole point of people exploiting for UGC limiteds was to cheat the requirements in order to earn the free item OR force the purchase prompt. There is 0 to little evidence of people exploiting to buy paid UGC limiteds.