Terrain editor tools leave floating Grass artifacts

Whenever I shape my terrain using the smooth or erode tool with decorations enabled I always run into some parts of the grass floating and not getting removed, these parts of grass are almost impossible to remove without using regions.

To reproduce this:

  1. Generate a chunk of terrain or open a new terrain baseplate. Make sure decoration is enabled.
  2. Using the erode tool erode the terrain, eventually you should start seeing spots of grass floating some being impossible to remove.

Video of this occurring:

Uncopy-locked demo place:


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It looks like this is this issue, and may be fixed already.

This is a different issue that does not relate to the LOD issue thats shown / reported in the replies above. I am still experiencing this issue and it has not yet been fixed. If I zoom very far out and zoom back in the grass still remains there.

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I made a random island generator that uses the roblox terrain and sometimes I start finding these random blade of terrain grass floating in mid air. Not sure what is causing this issue.

Another thing i noticed is that it is not replicated on every client - meaning that some players may see it while others don’t.


This still happens. I have a procedural generation script that used Terrain:Clear() when I regenerate the map. It leaves a lot of grass floating. It seems to only happen when the client is lagging, so I will have had to slow down the generation process so the grass goes away.

The fix for this should go live pretty soon.