Text in TextBox should scale on IOS when TextScaled = true while the Text is edited

Reproduction Steps
Go to StarterGUI, insert a ScreenGui. Insert in that ScreenGui a TextBox, with TextScaled = true.
Publish this Game, and play it on IOS (or Android).
Click on the TextBox and write something, you’ll see the Text is small, not Scaled

Expected Behavior
The TextBox Text should be scaled properly.

Actual Behavior
The TextBox Text isn’t scaled. It’s like the Property TextScaled isn’t working. But when the TextBox isn’t focused anymore, the Text in the TextBox is Scaled.

When the TextBox isn’t focused anymore the Text is Scaled.

Issue Area: Mobile App
Issue Type: Display
Impact: Medium
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-06-19 10:06:02 (+01:00)

System Information: IPad Pro 2nd Generation and IPhone XR, both have the newest Software Update.
According to @Abroxus this also happens on Android Devices.


Thanks for flagging!

We were able to reproduce your issue. We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database, and we’ll follow up when we have an update!


I posted this exact problem and it was never patched over a year later although they said they had noted it. I hope this one is the one that fixes it!


Oh, sorry I didn’t found your Topic.

I also hope, this will be fixed soon.

@Focia19, any Updates?


I believe this is intended behavior, each app creation engine has a text box for mobile. For example, when typing in a text box on android, a text bar will appear above your screen to type in.


Did you even read the Post?

The Text in the TextBox is small, even when TextScaled = true.


I did read the post. I believe this is intended behavior with apples text box object


hmmm yeah this looks like a problem
but, the same thing could happen if that TextBox is an image or something

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Why does it works correctly on Mac then? Do you have the Issue on an Android Device?

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Still working on it or?

It happens to android devices not only IOS devices. It’s not an important issue but it would be so much better for players to see properly what they are typing. When mobile users type into the text box it doesn’t scale until you stop typing so it’s odd.


We currently don’t plan to fix this. Supporting this would require extra work and lead to a worse user experience where the text is constantly changing size as you type.

The reason why this only affects iOS and Android is because on these platforms, we use the OS native textbox while editing, which has to be synced with the engine.

I recommend setting the TextSize of your TextBox to a value of 20 or more, instead of leaving it as the default value of 8 or 14. That way the text will not be so small when being edited.


When using your Workaround, the Text doesn’t “constantly change size”, why is it so hard to implement it when TextScaled = true?

Really big Games, like Pet Simulator X are affected by this. Do you think every Dev checks on every Platform his Games, if they work 100%? Preston does not, I stumbled across this while I was playing Pet Simulator X and not while I was checking my Game for bugs.


because… mobile frameworks are different than desktop ones?

(sorry for the massive bump, thought I posted here recently)