TextChatService now Supports Autocomplete for Emojis and Commands!

wow! am excited for this!! thank you.

Will there be a way to change the roundness of the corners through the chat window and chat bar configuration objects? Personally, that’s the only thing thats kind of stopping me from switching, since most of my UI is square. Everything else is looking great through!


Wow, que buen logro esto, algo util se podria decir. Que gran actualizacion.

This change paired with a game I support actually broke the text chat. That game happens to try to rename all services on the client because… reasons. It happens at line 7 in LuaPackages.Packages._Index.ExperienceChat-fecfdcf8-79afedfc.ExperienceChat.Autocomplete.Initializations

local children = game.TextChatService:GetDescendants()

Like a lot of the other score scripts, this should be moved to use GetService.

local children = game:GetService("TextChatService"):GetDescendants()

A simple way to reproduce the issue is to create a LocalScript within StarterPlayerScripts with the following line:

game.TextChatService.Name = "NotTextChatService"

something i think should be added to this is an “allow autocomplete” button for commands, so admin commands don’t autocomplete for players that don’t have access and confuse them

It would be nice if you could restrict commands and their autocompletions to certain people

Hello all, just wanted to point out that if you’re attempting to use the command auto-complete, there’s currently a bug affecting its availability. Emoji autocomplete isn’t affected currently because it wasn’t put behind an FFlag.


Do emojis take up more space or does it count as 1 character?

The text in between the : gets replaced by the emoji, so it only takes up one character when you selected the emoji.

Genuinely curious, what use cases do you have for renaming TextChatService?

Hi, are you still encountering this issue? I’m not able to reproduce this error on my device. If you still run into this issue, could you provide some more information:

  • Chat version (type in “/version” to get the version)
  • Your device and OS
  • Client Version, Server Version, and Client CoreScript Version (Menu (press Esc or the top left Roblox button) → Help, then check the very bottom of the screen)

Thank you!

None! I was just messing around and found this out. It’s still a bug nonetheless—plus GetService should be used no matter what, unless this messes up the internals of the service (I have no backend knowledge so please correct me if I’m wrong.)

Still encountering this issue : (

Chat Version: 4.1.6 (2a9cd12)
Device: PC with an i5-2400 CPU, 10 GB RAM, GT 730 GPU (boo womp) with Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.3324 installed
Client Version: 0.593.0.5930659 (6430e7)
Server Version: 0.594.05940525 (0f31b5)
CoreScript Version: 5345954812.7284

Another thing I’ve discovered is that just pressing space after typing an emoji is enough to trigger the bug:

… and that it only seems to happen with the :sob: emoji? I haven’t been able to reproduce it with any other emoji

Hi, we have a potential fix for this live for v4.1.11, could you check if you’re still encountering this issue on the latest version of chat? Thank you!

THANK YOU! I no longer have to press win + . To use the skull emoji. That also doesn’t work when your mouse is locked

This is NOT fixed as of v4.2.7, at least on Mac. Specifically, it seems to happen with any emoji that has a name 3 characters or less (which includes :sob:), or that is a combination of several characters (including most of the flags and emojis like :sunny: which have a non-color version).

Messages sent with the undefined characters in them do not appear to other users, are not filtered whatsoever, and cause the “chat filter is experiencing issues” message to appear. Attempting to copy the invalid characters will crash Roblox. I opened the client with the terminal and it shows this message when it crashes:

*** Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInvalidArgumentException', reason: '*** -[__NSPlaceholderArray initWithObjects:count:]: attempt to insert nil object from objects[0]'

Are we still going to get a customizable CommandPrefix property for the chat commands or something similiar? My admin script has support for multiple prefixes, such as ! or :

Is autocomplete something that only works for suggesting commands/emojis, or is it more customizable than that? It would be nice if I could type :spawn, for example, and then have my own autocompletion code suggest a list of players I can run the command on.

Take the built-in /whisper command as an example: typing /whisper playerDisplayName will enter you into whisper mode with that player. However, if two players in the server share a display name, you simply cannot whisper either of them:

Okay, that seems closer to a bug than just bad UX. But still, if two players have a very similar display name, only differing by 1 final character like so:

  • robloxgamer1

  • robloxgamer2

You still have to to type out the whole name to whisper who you want. That’s annoying. Auto-suggesting the valid matching names would fix both of these problems.

Also, as someone suggested in the Roblox OSS Community Discord, ‘fuzzy searching’ would make autocompletion easier. If I type 2, it should auto-suggest robloxgamer2. Currently, the autocomplete system does not use fuzzy searching:



As far as I can tell, custom auto-suggest behavior doesn’t exist currently. I would love to see it added.

Also, while we’re on the topic of TextChatCommandwhy are there exactly two aliases allowed (PrimaryAlias and SecondaryAlias)? It should be an any-length array of aliases! And messages should not have to start with the alias in order to trigger the command, that behavior should be customizable as well! Give us a TextChatCommand::Trigger, or else what’s the point of having a built-in command system in the first place if developers just end up building their own separate thing anyway?


Is it possible to replicate the auto-complete so we can use it to auto-complete other things?

Can we get an option to hide certain custom commands from the autocomplete array. I do not need regular players seeing the commands that all my admins use

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