TextScaled stopped working on large SurfaceGui

Reproduction Steps

Until a few days ago this was working, but now it’s not (and I haven’t changed anything):

  1. Create a large part (ex: size 200x200x200)
  2. Insert a SurfaceGui as part’s child, and select Face as Top
  3. Insert a TextLabel as SurfaceGui’s child and set TextScaled on.

Here is the sample project:
Baseplate.rbxl (37.3 KB)

Expected Behavior

TextScaled should expand the font to the full size of the top face of the part (as it always did, but not working anymore)

Actual Behavior

TextScaled is not expanding the font to the full size of the top face of the part:

Issue Area: Studio
Issue Type: Display
Impact: High
Frequency: Constantly
Date First Experienced: 2022-07-14 00:07:00 (-03:00)


It seems to be a #bug-reports:engine-bugs, but I’m not able to change the category.


This is an old issue that was talked about a few years back. This issue is however still relevant, as it is still a problem. So what can you do to fix this issue? You could make the text object’s TextScaled = true and then RichText = true. Apparently this fixes it, but it also disallows any newer objects like UIStrokes to be displayed at all.

There is also one more downside to it. And that is if you reach a certain size of the part you have the surface on it, it will have problems rendering the text itself.

This happens because the maximum size for text with RichText disabled is 100.

A workaround is to use the stroke rich text tag.

Have you tested?
Putting as RichText just disappears the text:

It works up to size of 500-600.

It works up to a certain part size limit:

Try changing SurfaceGui.SizingMode property to Enum.SurfaceGuiSizingMode.CanvasSize and adjust SurfaceGui.CanvasSize accordingly

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It actually works, thanks!
However, I will leave this bug report open as it is a bug in Roblox.

This is still a persistent bug, can we get it fixed please

This bug can’t really be fixed, first of all, text without RichText is limited to size 100, this is due to the font only giving scales up to scale 100, allowing a larger size creates blur. Fonts with RichText can be streched to go much larger (although become blurry). RichText disappearing at a large size, while it is a bug, is only mentioned in the replies of this post and is not super likely to be looked at.

Looks like not anymore? Seems to work correctly in ScreenGui as well.

There is a bug report related to this issue:

The text is partially visible between size 514 and 568 and then becomes invisible.


This should be fixed with Incomplete text is displayed when using rich text


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